Instrument Science and Engineering

  • Name:Qian Feng
  • Title:Associate Professor
  • Office:2-341
  • Office Phone:34206864
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Research Field

New inertial instruments and integrated navigation system; Modern Control Technology and Embedded Systems; Complex dynamic stochastic systems modeling and simulation technology etc.


Received a master's degree of Engineering in Northwestern Polytechnical University in 1993, and received the Ph.D. degree in 2001.\r\

Work experience

nWorked in Shanghai Jiaotong University, “Control Science and Engineering” and “Instrument Science and Technology” postdoctoral research. In 1999, received the study funded by the China Scholarship Council, as a visiting scholar learning at the Ufa Aviation Technology University of Russia in the Department of Automatic Control Systems.


ESG Technology, Fiber Optic Gyro Technology, MEMS Inertial System, Embedded System Applications, Research of Complex dynamic stochastic systems based on Contrled Marlkov chain

Awards and Honors

Won several scientific and technological progress awards for provincial and ministerial level (1 First Prize, 1 Second Prize and 3 Third Prize),Obtained three patents for inventions.


1. Embedded System Design 2. Navigation System Principles 3. Principle and application of Novel Sensors 4.Optimal Control 5.Principle and Application of Gyroscope


1.The Grey Forecasting of Performance Reliability for Some Flying Vehicle’s Rate Gyroscope, Qian Feng, Yuan Qing , 1993.8 ,ASIAN/PACIPIC International Conf. 1993.
2.Statistical Identification of Uncertainty in Electro-hydraulic Servo System , 2000.2 Modeling. Computing, Design Under Indeterminacy Conditions ( Int. Conf.) Ufa, Russia, -2000.
3.On Markov model for real-time simulation of servo system. 2000.4 THEORETICAL INFORMATICS ( Int. Conf. ) Ufa, Russia, – 2000.
4.On Markov model for on-ground testing of electro-hyraulic servo system. 2000.10 Регулируемые Энергоуснановки IX межотраслевая таучно-техтическая конференция, Уфа, Россия - 2000.
5.Application of Fixed Interval Smoothing to GPS/DR Integrated Navigation System , October 12-15,2003, Shanghai,2003 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems
6.Temperature drift modelling of fibre optic gyroscopes based on a grey radial basis function neural network v 15, n 1, January, 2004, p 119-126 Measurement Science and echnology
7.A novel adaptive filter mechanism for improving the measurement accuracy of the fiber optic gyroscope in the maneuvering case, Measurement Science and Technology, 17(2007) 2777-2782,英文SCI(1.229)