Instrument Science and Engineering

  • Name:Zhao Zhonghua
  • Title:Associate Professor
  • Office:2-339
  • Office Phone:34204424
  • Website:

Research Field

Navigation & Control


1. 1998.9-2001.12 Dept. of Instrument Science and Engineering. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ph.D. in Precision Instrument and Mechanics
2. 1995.9-1998.3 Dept. of Power Engineering. Southeast University M.S. in Testing and Measuring Technology and Instrumentation
3. 1991.9-1995.7 Dept. Mechanical Engineering. Yantai University B.S. in Mechanical Fabrication and Design

Work experience

2002.2-present: Department of Instrument Science and Engineering Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Associate Professor


Inertial Technology, Integrated Navigation
Data fusion and Optimization Methods

Awards and Honors


1. Digital Circuit (undergraduates, autumn term)
2. Digital Logic (undergraduates, autumn term)
3. Principle and Experience of Embedded System (undergraduates, spring term)
4. Navigation and Location (graduates, autumn term)
5. Introduction to Modern Navigation (graduates, autum term)
6. Optimization Methods and Optimal Control (graduates, spring term)


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