1. Enrolment Rules of International Graduates in Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Enrolment Rules of International Graduates in Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Chapter One General Rules

Article 1 The rules are formulated in line with the Administrative Rules on the Acceptance of Foreign Students by Colleges and Universities, relevant rules by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipality on international students, as well as the actual situation in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, so as to further standardize the enrolment of international students and boost the education and development of international students in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


Article 2 International graduate students hereinafter refer to foreign citizens with foreign passports who are enrolled by China’s colleges and universities. The enrollment of international graduates shall follow the principles of fairness, justice and openness and stick to the comprehensive evaluation of characters, intelligence and health. The selection shall be conducted in a scientific way, so the candidates who get admitted shall be outstanding. Quality shall be put before quantity.

Chapter Two Administrative Organizations and Responsibilities

Article 3 For the enrollment of international graduates, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has set up an Enrollment Leadership Team whose responsibilities include: to execute the guidelines, policies and regulations by the Ministry of Education and competent authorities at high levels on graduate enrollment; to lead, coordinate and direct the enrollment work of international graduates in the university.


Article 4 With the guidance of University Enrollment Leadership Team for International Graduates, the International Affairs Office of Graduate School is responsible for the international graduate enrollment. Specific responsibilities include: to execute the guidelines, policies, regulations and rules by the Ministry of Education on graduate enrollment and specific rules by the university; to compile the enrollment plans, prospectus, program catalogues, and publicity materials for international students; to establish and standardize the scholarship systems of the university; to be responsible for the application, re-examination, admission and scholarship review etc. for international students.


Article 5 International Graduate Enrollment Committees are set up in each school (department) and headed by the persons in charge of the schools (departments). The committees’ responsibilities include: to lead, organize, coordinate, and manage the international graduate enrollment work in each schools (departments); to make their own enrollment plans; to organize the work of material review, re-examination and admission of international graduates; and to organize scholarship review and recommendation in each school (department).

Chapter Three Application, Re-examination and Admission

Article 6 Application Requirements

Citizens of foreign nationalities applying for a master’s (or doctoral) degree shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Have excellent scores;
  2. The applicants shall be in good moral character, be willing to abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and disciplines of the university, and to respect the custom of the Chinese people.
  3. The applicants’ health condition shall meet the “Health Examination Standard for Foreign Students to China” promulgated by the Ministry of Education;
  4. Applicants for master’s programs shall obtain a bachelor degree before being admitted; and applicants for doctoral programs shall obtain a master’s degree. Applicants for doctoral programs who just have finished undergraduate courses shall obtain a master’s degree before admitted.
  5. Applicants shall meet the language requirement of the corresponding programs;
  6. Have a foreign passport.


Article 7 Application Procedures

During each second half of November, the enrollment prospectus for the next year is released. On-line application time: from February to April.

  1. On-line Applications

Apply online on website of CSC or http://www.study-shanghai.org/, submit application information, generate and print Application Form for International Students of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Please attach a 2-inch recent photo and sign on it.

  1. Delivery of Application Materials

Applicants shall post the written documents to the International Affairs Office, Graduate School, SJTU before the deadline. Applicants for a master’s or doctoral degree shall submit the following materials in duplicate:

  1. Application Form for International Students of Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
  2. Copies of certified diploma, copies of the highest academic certificate and transcript for all courses during the last schooling period (Students expecting to graduate shall provide an official letter stating expected graduation date);
  3. Qualified language test transcript;
  4. Physical examination record for foreigners;
  5. Two original references from scholars with associate professorship (or corresponding technical titles) or above;
  6. Copied passports and one photo used on the passport;
  7. Personal statement and research plans for graduate study;
  8. Application fee and Remittance receipt.

All the materials mentioned above shall be submitted in both Chinese and English versions or with Chinese and English translations. The application is invalid if the documents do not reach before due or are unqualified. The application materials would not be returned.


Article 8 Re-examination

Each school or department formulates practical re-examination schemes in line with the features of each subject. After the application materials pass the preliminary review of the university, each school or department organizes its International Graduate Enrollment Committee to review the written materials submitted, arrange re-examination, and send the preliminary admission list to the International Affairs Office of Graduate School.


Article 9 Admission

The best candidates are selected based on the comprehensive evaluation of application materials, re-examination results, opinions of supervisors and physical examination results.

The International Students Development Center will send admitted applicants the admission notice for master or doctoral students as well as other materials to apply for visa.


Article 10 Enrolment

The admitted international graduates shall bring Student Visa and Admission Notice to register. Freshmen shall take the comprehensive review (including physical examination) organized by the university. Students who could not pass the review would be disqualified from enrollment.

Chapter Four Scholarship

Article 11 Shanghai Jiao Tong University provides various kinds of scholarships for excellent international graduates here. The grant of scholarships gives priority to excellent international students for doctoral programs.


Article 12 International graduates who already obtained scholarships after approval are obliged to take part in the annual scholarship evaluation. Qualified students could continue to get scholarships in the next year.


Article 13 The Scholarship Review Committee is set up to take charge of the scholarship review work.

Chapter Five Related Issues

Article 14 The enrollment, admission evaluation, training and degree conferring of international graduates shall be conducted by jointly the Graduate School and each school or department. The management and coordination shall be conducted by the International Students Development Center and the International Students Service Center.

These rules shall come into force upon promulgation. The Graduate School is responsible for interpreting the rules

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