The Inaugural “SEIEE International Forum for Young Scholars” Was Successfully Held

On the morning of October 29th, 2015, the Inaugural “SEIEE International Forum for Young Scholars” was held at venue 3-200 of SEIEE with the theme “Smart Mega Cities,” participated in by more than 30 young scholars from various IT fields.

The primary purpose of this forum is to provide a social platform for young scholars around the world to exchange ideas on their latest research, to interact and collaborate, and to find inspirations in the rapid-evolving technological fields. The forum will also serve as an information hub, to provide information regarding SIEEE research labs and projects, and to provide up-to-date data and reports for researchers and faculty of interest.

At the beginning of the forum, the Dean of SEIEE, Prof. Junfa Mao, delivered a welcome speech, in which he warmly welcomed all the honorable guests and attendees. He proceeded to introduce the theme of this forum, stressing the importance of this meeting to SEIEE and to SJTU as a whole. Afterwards, the Vice Dean of SEIEE Prof. Hui Liu talked about the school’s history, majors, academies as well as various scientific research results.

Following the preliminary program, Prof. Radha Poovendran from the University of Washington and Prof. Minyi Guo from the Department of Computer Science of SEIEE both gave keynote speeches, with Prof. Poovendran discussing about Smart Connected Communities while Professor Guo talking about Smart cities from the aspect of big data.

In the afternoon, topics about Communications, Big Data & Security, Micro-Nano Materials, and Media & Green Energy were discussed separately in four technical sessions. Young scholars from various institutes and universities including Microsoft Research Asia, Virtual Reality Technology Company in Guangdong, Harvard University, Nanyang Technological University, and other top universities all exchanged and discussed ideas. 5G Communication, network of unmanned vehicle, energy-saving design and reliable wireless encryption technology led by Zhang Feng allowed the participants to have a broad cooperation on communication fields.

By the end of the forum, scholars from all over the world had a deep communication and exchanged individual ideas. The event enhanced cooperation in all areas, promoted the theme of “Smart Cities”, laid a good foundation for broader global communication activities, promoted scientific culture globally and assisted in the progress and development of information technology.

During 30th Oct, all the guests and scholars enjoyed a campus tour and visited some SEIEE laboratories.

[ 2015-11-11 ]