2017 Spring semester Courses in English

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Note: Students could only change future Traning Plan/Study Plan in the first two weeks of each semester. After the two weeks passed, the system would be closed for any modification.  

That is to say,the deadline to make any changes of 2017 spring courses is: 2017.03.03.   

2017 Spring Semester SEIEE Courses in English 

Course Code GPA ? Course Name(Chinese)
Course name(English)
X031604 Y 电力系统暂态稳定 Power System Transient Stability
F031604 Y 超导材料与应用技术 Application Technology of Superconducting Materials
F031525 N 现代电源技术 Modern Power Supply Technology
C031702 N 电力系统动态计算与建模 Dynamic Calculation and Modeling of Power Systems
C031717 N 现代电力电子变换技术专题 lectures on Modern Power Electronic Conversion Technologies
C032703 Y 计算机视觉 Computer Vision
C032712 Y 信息融合 Information Fusion
X033525 Y 机器学习 Machine Learning - Fundamental and Practice
X033514 Y 计算机图形学 Computer Graphics
Y 程序语言理论 Programming Language (NOT OPEN IN 2017 SPRING)
X033526 Y 生物信息学 Bioinformatics
X033533 Y 算法分析与理论 Algorithm analysis and Theory
CS28001 Y 现代移动通信与计算 Modern Mobile Communications and Computing
F033583 Y 互联网信息搜索与挖掘 Introduction to Web Search and Mining
CS28009 Y 大数据安全 Big Data Security
X034519 Y 计算机通信网络设计与分析 Design and Performance Analysis
F034606 Y 视觉计算理论与工程实践 Visual Computing Theory and Engineering
F034605 Y 阵列信号处理与空时信号处理 Array Signal Processing and Space-Time Signal Processing
X034513 Y 导波光学 Waveguide optics
X034506 Y 半导体物理与器件物理学 Semiconductor Physics and Devices Physics
X034606 Y 有机电致发光显示与照明 Organic Electroluminescent Display and Lighting
X034511 Y 微波与高速电路理论 Theory of Microwave and speed circuits
IN26007 Y 线性系统分析与设计 Analysis and Design of Linear Systems
X035504 Y 微弱信号检测 Low-noise electronic Design & Detection of Signal in Noise
ES26048 Y 模拟集成电路的版图艺术 Art of Layout in Analog Integrated Circuits
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