The Museum of Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s History

The Museum of SJTU’s History was founded in the old library on Xuhui campus on April 8th, 1996. It has three exhibition halls covering over 600 square meters. In Halls A and B, nearly 700 pieces of cultural relics, documents, photos and other materials are exhibited, showing the university’s development over a century and its fruitful achievements in study and research. Hall C contains the achievements made by about 200 members of CAS and CAE, who had studied or taught at SJTU, are displayed in photos and documents. Hall C also contains a Lin Tongyan Exhibition, displaying over 300 items including original works, theses, portraits and other photos of this Chinese-American alumni of SJTU and internationally renowned structural engineering scientist and educator.


The Digital Ship Museum of SJTU

With over ten thousand items in the collection, the Digital Ship Museum provides informative and comprehensive exhibitions on a wide-range of shipbuilding technologies with historical and cultural backgrounds. Using advanced computer information technology, the Museum brings you an opportunity to dive into the digital history of shipbuilding in China and rest of the world.


C.Y.Tung Maritime Museum

Located in the historical Xin Zhong Garden in Xuhui campus, the C. Y. Tung Maritime Museum was jointly founded by Hong Kong's Tung Foundation and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. At one time a student's residence, the two-story, western-style building with a center courtyard was built ninety years ago. The 600-square-meter exhibition space houses the Chinese Maritime History Gallery and the C. Y. Tung Gallery. The former contains a permanent exhibition of maps, photographs, archival material, maritime trade routes, ship models and other artifacts, reflecting China's maritime history since the Neolithic Period.

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