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SEIEE Students Associateion

SICA:Student International Communication Association:

President: Chen Tao   

Vice President: Jiang Yan, Zhao Tuowen





SJTU Students Associations

Student associations of SJTU offer a wide variety of unique and popular activities, and play an important role in the students' extracurricular life as a supplement for curricular programs and an important part of SJTU's campus culture. There are now 168 student associations which can be classified into five main categories: politics and economics, volunteer and charity, academics and science, culture and art, and sports and fitness. The total number of the students in these associations has reached 17,000, of which 8,000 are active members.


SJTU Student Union

The Student Union, under the SJTU Communist Youth League Committee, aims to keep a close contact with student organizations of each school and department, advocates self-service, self-management and self-education, and unites and guides all the students to carry out various extracurricular activities and social services with their best interest at heart.

Address: 108 Commercial Street, Minhang Campus.

Phone: 54742329




List of SJTU Student Associations

  • Future Architects Society
  • Lanling Drama Association
  • Legal English Association
  • National Defense Association
  • Psycho Development Society for College Students
  • Redcross
  • Runner Club
  • Science Fiction Society
  • SJTU Amateur Astronomer Association
  • SJTU Tea Art Salon
  • SJTU Youth Volunteers Association
  • Student Career Development Association
  • Student Psychological Association of School of Medicine
  • Sunlight Troupe
  • Table Tennis Association



The International Student Council



The International Student Council is the governing body of international students at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Founded in November 2009, it is an embodiment of Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s commitment to its international students and the School of International Education’s dedication to excellence. It was created specifically to foster a sense of community among the international students, to bolster communication between the international students and the local students, and to provide a platform on which international students can display and develop their talents and abilities.

The International Student Council is headed by a board of six presidents elected by the students and is comprised of eight departments:

  • Academics, which works tirelessly to bring competitive events, tutoring sessions, and other learning opportunities to the student body
  • Arts & Culture, the organizer of major student events, most notably the traditional Christmas Banquet and the Mini Expo
  • Athletics, where international students are united by their love of sports to organize various sport teams, from volleyball to basketball, from badminton to tennis
  • Editorial, which documents international student events and transforms them into finely printed, full-colored volumes of the International Student Magazine, or I.S.M.
  • Office, which provides behind-the-scenes support for the International Student Council
  • Publicity, responsible for spreading the word on the latest international student activities and for managing the image of the international student body to the local community
  • Relations, a newly established department responsible for event sponsorships, joint cooperative events, and contacting those outside of the international student community
  • Volunteers, which joins forces with local student’s organizations and societies to bring volunteering opportunities to international students who are eager to explore and contribute to the local community


This Year's Presidents

South Korea


Africans Foreign Students Association-SJTU

Burmese Students Association-SJTU

Japanese Students Association-SJTU

Korean Students Association-SJTU

Thai Students Association-SJTU

Indonesian Foreign Students Association

Malaysian Foreign Students Association-SJTU

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