Getting Started

Before you apply, you need to know that graduate admission procedures need decisions by both Shanghai Jiao Tong University Graduate School (SJTUGS) and School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering (SEIEE). So although SEIEE have some autonomy, Graduate School works closely with graduate programs on technical, administrative and policy issues.

Understanding the role of the Graduate School and the role of SEIEE will help you successfully navigate graduate admissions at the SJTU. It will also help you know who to contact when you have questions.

The role of the SJTUGS in graduate admissions:

establish minimum admission requirements

set application deadlines

support the online application platform for graduate study at the SJTU

verify degrees of applicants who accept an offer of admission

evaluate English proficiency requirement for non-native English speakers

make part of admission decisions

notify applicants of admission and scholarship decisions

The role of SEIEE  in graduate admissions:

establish admission requirements for a specific degree program

coordinate SEIEE admission Committee to review applicants' materials and proceed interviews

report the department admission decisions to Graduate School

contact applicants for further information

make part of  admission decisions

Before Application

Now that you know more about graduate admissions at the  SJTU, here are tips for getting started:

1. Check qualifications:

(1) Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens in physical and mental health, and with appropriate academic background and Chinese proficiency.

(2) Applicants for Master programs should have a Bachelor Degree. (Applicants should get Bachelor Degree before admission to Master programs at the latest).

(3) Applicants for Doctoral programs should have a Master Degree. (Applicants should get Master degree before admission to Doctoral programs at the latest.)

2. Review SJTU Graduate School's requirements for master degree students and Ph.D. students, and SEIEE's more specific application requirements, read most updated SJTU and SEIEE Admission Guide, SEIEE Admission Brochure for basic information about applying.

3. Check what program you want to apply to inside SEIEE. Most master program would be 2-3 years, most Ph.D. programs would be 3-5 years. Each program would be combined with three requirements to graduate: courses, publication, and final thesis/dissertation.

4. Check what courses you could take in SEIEE.

5. Contact potential supervisor so the professor would be your adviosr in your whole program years. If the professor agrees to accept the student, please ask him/her to sign SEIEE Conditional Acceptance Letter.

6. Check general cost for applying, tuition, accomodation, and so on.

7. Check scholarship possibilities.

8. Find the right person to contact to if you have any problem.

Apply Now

Ready to apply? 


Begin your online Application for Graduate Study at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Create your applicant profile and start an application today.

At the same time, if you plan to apply to scholarships, please make online application on Chinese Government Scholarship website or Shanghai Government Scholarship webiste. Normally the students who already got scholarship from those two organizations could not get scholarship a second time.

Prepare application materials according to the application materials checklist that fulfill both SEIEE and SJTU requirements and before deadline.

Note: There is no need to send paper materials to SJTU/SEIEE from 2016.

Admission Procedure

After you have submitted your application, you can always go back to the website to check the admission status. The online system would show admission status and scholarship decisions.

Department review includes:  

a. SEIEE Graudate Office forward materials to supervisor and each department,

b. supervisor agree the admission online

c. department committee organize interviews and give replies  

d. SEIEE Graduate Office collect interview results

e. SEIEE Graduate Office submit the final decision of admission and scholarship  to SJTU Graduate School.

Normally it takes one month, or even longer.


Scholarship Procedure

The scholarship review would start after application deadline and may take up to a month .

SEIEE Admission Committee  would nominated scholarship candidates to SJTUGS, the later would make review of all SJTU scholarship applicants , and make final decisions based on SJTU Admission Committee opinions.

The scholarship  decision would be reflected on Graduate Application Status Page, also you would be notified  via email of the result: Master/PHD Type A/B/C/D, or no scholarship.

For more information about scholarship, please visit the SJTU International Student official website

If you accept or decline an offer of admission, please make reply as early as possible.

If you still have question, please check Q&A page, or consult the right office according to this directory page.

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