Checklist of Preparation

1. Get SJTU Admission Letter

The paper admission letter would be made during early June to middle July.

Normally students would receive mailed admission package in late June to  middle July.  The Admission Package includes all the materials you may need (like Admission Letter, JW201 for CGS students and JW202 for other students) later for visa application, Residence Permit application, registration, dormitory application information, and so on.

The mailing address would be the post address you offered in application form. If one needs to change the address, please contact SEIEE Graduate Office or SJTU Graduate School.

The International Students Development Center's Degree Office is in charge of making/sending Admission Package( Those whose post address is in China, the Admission Package would be sent via EMS. Those whose post address is not in China, the Admission Package would be sent via DHL. The tracking number could be requested from International Students Development Center's Degree Office. Also please contact them if you have problem receiving the package.

2. Visa Application

Apply for " X1" visa at Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate in your country.

X1 visa means studying in China for more than 180 days, With this visa, you need to apply for Residence Permit immediately after you arrive in China. (X2 visa means studying in China for less than 180 days. That is mostly for exchange student)

Prepare those materials for visa application:

(1) Valid regular passport

(2) SJTU Admission Letter

(3) Visa Application Form (JW202 Form or JW201 Form)

(4) Physical Examination Report

When you receive the Chinese visa, please make sure that the embassy or consulate returns the Admission Notice and JW202 Form page 3 (the yellow page) to you. These are important documents which you will need to submit to the Shanghai Exit-Entry Bureau for residence permit.

3. Dormitory Reservation

Please make domitory reservation as soon as you get admission notice. Notice would be sent out in email by SJTU International Student Service Center. For more and most updated information, please make phone call to 021- 34203955.

For more details about dormitory, please check here.

4. Tuition Payment

For self-support students, tuition fee needs to be paid before every new semester starts. One would not be allowed to register if he/she fails to pay the tuition fee at the designated time.

New students can pay the tuition by remittance, credit cards, personal check, traveler’s check, and cash in Chinese currency(RMB) or US Dollars to the following account.

For most updated information, please click here.

5. China Entry Date

It is highly recommended that you enter China 2-3 days before the registration date. If earlier than one week, you would find no staff working on campus. The life and study orientation from SEIEE would always be in the first week after registration date, and all courses would start from first week, so coming to late would miss those oppotunities.

6. Living in Shanghai

Please check those website out for more information about Shanghai.

1) Study in Shanghai

2) About Shanghai

3) All about Shanghai

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