School of Nanoelectronics

  • Name:Yan WANG
  • Title:Ph.D
  • Office:Room 310, No.2 of Experimental Building
  • Office Phone:+86-21-34206687
  • Website:

Research Field

Thermal design of advanced electronics packaging;
Design, simulation and fabrication of Micro heat sink, MEMS sensors and actuators.


2005-2009 Ph.D, Microelectronics & Solidstate electronics, ShangHai Jiaotong University
2002-2005, M.S, Fluid Machinery&Engineering, HeFei University of Technology
1998-2002, Vacuum Science&Technology, HeFei University of Technology

Work experience

2005-present Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
Co-advisor to 2 master-candidates
Co-advisor to 2 doctor-candidates


2013-present Study on mems-based high current pulsed power switch, Project leader, (National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Nano/Micro Fabrication Foundation)
2012-present Thermal Analysis for 3D ICs, Project leader, (Sub project of National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program))
2010-2012 Micro-patterning of Bonded magnets. Project leader, (National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Nano/Micro Fabrication Foundation)
2009-2012 CrCuCr electrod for PDP cell, Project leader, (Program of changhong electric co., ltd )
2009-2012 CNT assistant AC-PDP (Program of changhong electric co., ltd )
2011-present Non-silicon Fabrication (Program of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality)
2011-present The MEMS inertial switch (Key Project of Chinese Ministry of Education)

Awards and Honors

2009, Outstanding graduates in Shanghai, SJTU



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Applied Chinese Patents

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