Computer Science & Engineering

  • Name:郁昱
  • Title:Research Professor
  • Office:SEIEE-3-537
  • Office Phone:34206661
  • Website:

Research Field

Cryptography, in particular, pseudoerandomness, information-theoretic security, postquantum cryptography


1999-2013 Fudan University, Bachelor of Science
2003-2006 Nanyang Technological University, PhD

Work experience

2006-2008 T-Systems, Research Scientist
2008-2010 UCL Crypto Group, Postdoctoral Researcher
2011-2011 East China Normal University, Associate Professor
2012-2014 Tsinghua University, Assistant Profesor (Tenure-Track)
2014-Present Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Research Professor


Awards and Honors

2016 Young Cheung Kong Scholarship by the Ministry of Education



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