4.Regulations on Courses of Chinese Language and a Brief Introduction to Chinese Culture of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


  1. General Arrangement

The Academic Office of Graduate School is in charge of general courses for international master’s students, responsible for curriculum design and planning, funds distributing, quality assessment, and academic affairs coordination.

School of International Education and School of Humanities are jointly in charge of the courses - Chinese Language and A Brief Introduction to Chinese Culture. School of International Education is responsible for the lectures given in English as well as Chinese Language Test; while School of Humanities is responsible for the two course taught in Chinese and credits transfer and recognition between first-level disciplines, interdisciplinary courses, and undergraduate core cultural courses.

  1. Chinese Language Test

All international masters’ students (except for students majoring in Chinese Language and Literature) shall take Chinese Language Test organized by the Graduate School and School of International Education after registration. Those majoring in Chinese Language during undergraduates, having earned HSK 4; or emigrating from China after middle school can apply for exemption.

  1. Chinese Language Course Arrangements

According to results of Chinese Language Test, the university will set up Chinese compulsory classes (preliminary level or intermediate level), which last two hours per week. Those having passed the Chinese Language Test or having obtained the exemption need not attend these classes.

  1. Arrangements for A Brief Introduction to Chinese Culture

This class can be taught either in English or Chinese, which also lasts 2 hours per week. Students can choose the language spoken in class considering their proficiency in Chinese language.

  1. Related Issues

Students majoring in Chinese Language and Literature do not have to take the courses of Chinese Language and A Brief Introduction to Chinese Culture. The credits needed shall be supplemented by specialized courses, the details of which are decided by the departments or schools the students belong to.

These rules shall come into force upon promulgation. The Graduate School is responsible for interpreting the rules.





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