8. Recognition and Transfer Policy of Credits Achieved Abroad of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

With an increasing level of internationalization for graduate students’ education in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, there are more and more international activities and various academic exchanges. This regulation is formulated for the purpose of enhancing the management of graduate students studying abroad and establishing the standard of credit recognition and credit transfer of courses taken in overseas universities.


The policy is for credit recognition of graduate students in programs supported by the government, programs between colleges/ universities, and international students for dual-degree programs in China.

One Credit Recognition and Transfer

Relevant departments/ schools can recognize the credits of courses obtained abroad but similar to those listed in the major’s training plans provided that: the overseas universities or scientific research institutions are recognized by Shanghai Jiao Tong University; the courses taken are similar to those listed in their training plans.


1. Graduate students of dual-degree programs shall take courses for at least 10 credits in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Other credits can be transferred from partner universities. There is no upper limit of credit transfer for PhD students.


2. Courses shall be taken in an accepted way. Courses for credit transfer shall not be the same as the courses already taken in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


3. For graduate students of dual-degree programs who study abroad, credits of compulsory courses - Marxist Theories and the First Foreign Language - shall be obtained in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Students can be exempted from taking the course of the First Foreign Language, but they still have to take final exams to obtain the credits. International graduate students of dual-degree programs shall take at least one of the two courses: A Brief Introduction to Chinese Culture (2 credits) and Chinese Language (2 credits).


4. Credits can be transferred when graduate students get grades above B- in courses taken in partner overseas universities. If the grading standard of partner universities is same as the standard of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, grades will be recorded directly. If it is the hundred-mark system, the grades will be recorded after conversion. Apart from these two situations, grades can be offered by the relevant departments in accordance with the courses. Credits of mathematics courses shall be recognized and approved by the Department of Mathematics. The standard of conversion is as follows:























5. Students studying abroad are not permitted to obtain credits of courses of Shanghai Jiao Tong University by self-study. Returned students are not permitted to take exams of courses of Shanghai Jiao Tong University even if the semester is not over. Otherwise, grades of related courses are invalid.

Two Procedures of Credit Recognition and Credit Transfer

1. Students who study abroad and international students who study in Shanghai Jiao Tong University shall make overseas study plans with supervisors beforehand in accordance with curricula of partner universities and individual training schemes. Students shall fill in the Application Form of Taking Courses in Overseas Universities. It will be filed with the consent of supervisors and the approval of relevant departments. Without consent, students cannot change their training schemes while studying overseas. Otherwise, credits of courses out of the scheme will not be recognized.


2. In principle, courses for credit transfer shall be approved before students go abroad or before students return to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The application for credit transfer can be submitted after returning to the campus under the following circumstances: partner universities have course adjustment; there are no introductions to courses before students going abroad.


3. Students shall finish credit recognition and conversion of grades as soon as they come back to SJTU. Graduate students who apply for credit recognition shall fill in the application (in triplicate) of Credit Recognition and Grades Conversion of Courses Taken in Universities Overseas and submit (if necessary) the approved Application Form of Taking Courses in Overseas Universities. It is also necessary to enclose the original copy (returned after review) of academic transcripts offered by overseas universities as well as the introductions to courses for credit. With approval of supervisors and relevant departments, all the materials shall be submitted to the Graduate School.


4. Courses grades and credits cannot be recognized or transferred in the following situations: students fail to meet all the aforementioned requirements; or fail to go through the exit formalities before going abroad; or fail to complete relevant formalities or submit the relevant materials after returning to China.


These rules shall come into force upon promulgation. The Graduate School is responsible for interpreting the rules.

[ 2015-07-13 ]