To-do List After Arriving (2015 fall semester)

1. Come to SJTU Campus

       Directions to SJTU Campus

2. Check in your dormitory or rent an apartment by yourself

  • Living on Campus:

AII new students are allowed to check in maximum  3 days prior to the registration date printed  on the admission letter according to the relevant  regula- tions of our university. For example  you are allowed to move into the dorm  room after Sept.10th if your registration date on the admission letter is Sept.13th. Before moving into the dorm on campusyou could stay in hotel near campus for your early arrival.Students living on campus are required  to check in and  register for the room within 24 hours after arrival with your passport and admission notice.The in­formation about check-in and registration is listed as below:

CAMPUS                    CHECK-IN VENUE                             OFFICE HOURS                              TEL.


Room 109Dorm Building No.8

8:30-11:30 am13:30-17:00 Fri.



Reception DeskAsian Youth

Center (Tao Li Yuan)

8:30-11:30 am13:30-17:00 pmMon. to Fri.


From the year of 2015   most of international students with a successful online  reservation will be informed the dorm room  number before ar­rival. If you arrive at the non-office timeyou are allowed  to get  the room  key from  the manager of your dorm  building and  move  into the room  in advance and  check in on the  next working day.

  • Living off Campus:

AII foreigners are required to register his or her address of accommodation in the local police station after  arrival  within 24 hours by Chinese law. Meanwhilethe student living off campus should register his or her address and  local contact in the International Student Service Center of SJTU as soon  as possible.The information about off-campus accommodation registration is listed as follows:


Room B202-204New Admin. Building

8:30-11:30 am13:30-17:00 Fri.



Desk 6Room 1001Asian Youth

Center (Tao Li Yuan)

8:30-11:30 am13:30-17:00 pmMon. to Fri.


for more information of On-campus or Off-campus accommodation, please refer to Intro.of Accommodation @SJTU

3. Registration with SJTU

Please take your passport original copies of admission notice and  JW202 form. Firstly please go to the Internatíonal Student Center for registration at university.You are required to make an appointment for  registraiton through the following website: .Regarding the specific date,please wait for the email notification.

For those who  arrive during the semester, please come to international mobility office of international student centre in Minhang Campus for registration.

 International Mobility 0iceInternational Students Center

Shanghai Jiao Tong  University


Add.:Room 104New Administration Bldg.B,  Minhang Campus No. 800 Dongchuan Rd., Shanghai, 200240, China

4. Book a date for Physical Examination

X1 Visa students need to obtain a health re-examination certificate from Shanghai Health and Epidemic-Prevention Center to get a residence permit. It may take a week or two to get the result and the result would be needed to apply for residence card. Since international students need to finish residence card application in the first month of arrival, so you need to hurry to get physical examination result. Make the appointment as soon as you can get access to Internet through the link

5. Apply Residence Permit (外国人居留证)  or re-entry visa

X1 visa: long term study visafor stay more than 180 days required to be changed to residence permit with  30 days upon arrival. X2 visa: short term study visa for stay less than 180 days. Most students holding X2 visa only have one-entry permission. If you need to return during the valíd  period of the  visa, you need to apply for a re-en­try.If you  hold  X2 visa and  need multiple entry & exit  during the exchange period, you 'd  better apply for residence permit within 30 days upon your arrival in China.

Required Documents:

Responsible Office:

6. Insurance

All the international students are required to have health insurance in China and present a proof of your medical insurance which covers accidental injury and hospitalization services during the period of your study at SJTU on the registration day  . If you stay in China more than 180 days, your required to purchase insurance from Chinese Insurance Company.

For details please contact International Student Service Center:

Phone Number: 8621-34202734


Address: Room 309, Old Adminstration Building, No. 800 Dongchuan Rd., Shanghai 200240, China

7.  Orientations

SEIEE  Orientation (School  Level):

Time: 2:00 pm on Sept. 11th of 2015

Location:  Classroom 306 on the 3rd floor of SEIEE building 3

SEIEE orientation usually is scheduled right before semester starts. Please check here for detailed schedule information. It is a great opportunity to familirize yourself with SJTU and meet your one-on-one buddy from SICA

SJTU Orientation (University Level):

Date: Sep.12, 2015

Time: 1:30PM

Venue: Room 418New Administration Bldg B, NO.800 Dongchuan Rd., Shanghai

New Student Orientation for  Fall 2015  is designed to provide exchange students with an exciting introduction to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Our staff  will assist you  by offering information and  support to make the transition to schools and colleges as seamless as possible.

8. Campus Card & Jaccount

Please come to the Information Center with  your registration form showing your student 10 and  get your campus card. The cost of card  is RMB 20.

Xuhui Campus :

4th floor, Hao Ran High-tech Building

Minhang Campus:

1st floor, Information Tower & New library

Before apply for the  card, students must finish your university registration at first  @International Mobility Office and  obtain your student number. After having registered at the  university, students can apply for  JACCOUNT at the following website: With JACCOUNT, one can  use free wifi on campus.









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