The First SJTU Smart Car Competition Successfully Held

   On April 29th, 2011, the First Smart Car Competition of Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) was held in the Middle Hall on the 5th Floor of Telecom Group 2. Twenty-two teams from Optoelectronics Group, Glectromagnetic Group and Camera Group entered the competition. Attendants and judges included Deputy Director of School Academic Affairs Office, Zheng Yihui, Director of Practice Office Zhang Shumin, Deputy Director of Automation Department Zhou Yue and the guide teacher from the Smart Car Creation Base. A great many science fans and model car enthusiasts were also attracted.

According to the competition requirements, match teams should use Freescale Semiconductor's 8-bit, 16-bit microcontroller as core control module to produce model cars that can autonomously recognize the road path by adding road sensors and motor drive circuits and by writing corresponding software. The cars are required to run a set route on the specified model car platform. The winning prizes are for cars that can finish the full distance at the fastest speed without rushing out of the lane. Clean runway, refined models, smooth running, ultra-fast speed and precise control were all accessible to the audience, who could thus truly feel the charm of technology and the passion of youth.

After the fierce competition, a total of 12 teams won prizes, among them, three were awarded First Prize, six were Second Prize, and the other three Third Prize. Besides, the Technical Innovation Award were presented to another three teams.

The competition had started its registration since late November 2010 and attracted almost 200 students from SEIEE, School of Machine and Motor Engineering, School of Marine Engineering and Marine Construction, and Michigan College, among them, 120 students entered for the technical training. Throughout more than four months’ preparation, the team members learned in a systematic way the knowledge of programming, circuit and mechanism, made such modules as road sensors, motor drives and power management circuits, wrote and debugged the control program for intelligent vehicle. Thereby, each team created on their own a racing car that could autonomously recognize the path. During the preparation before competition, they were not in fear of hardships but always ready to study. Their tenacious spirit is worth learning and carrying forwards.

Their excellent performances in the competition demonstrated SJTU students’ innovative power and team spirit to the fullest. 

[ 2011-04-30 ]