Teachers and Students from University of Minnesota Came to SEIEE for Academic Exchanges

       On June 1, 2011, teachers and students from the School of Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota, came to Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University for academic exchanges with our teachers and students.

The first arrangement was the tour on campus. With the bus driving around the campus, there was a lively atmosphere inside the bus. The teachers and students talked about the hobbies and the schools with each other. They also learned to speak Chinese. What’s more, they did some acting and took a lot of photos.

       The academic exchanges began at 10:00 AM. Students from UMN and SJTU gave academic lectures alternatively, which showed their own research areas and some results.

First of all, Tom from UMN showed the exploitation of new energy in their project by using PPT. He said that in his whole team project, there was a “5-5-1” plan which included 5 wind turbines, 5 villages and 1 community project. This plan also included the exploration and application of wind turbines and new kinds of energy such as hydropower and solar power.

Next, Chen Yuxin from SJTU gave them a show about communication. He mainly talked about some basic knowledge of SISO and MIMO, and some problems of signal processing such as signal transmitting and receiving.

         Finally, one of our foreign friends gave us the last report titled by “Photovoltaic Clothing”. This is a project with new thoughts and imagination. With embedding some energy chips, taking solar panels for example, into this kind of clothing, we can fully collect and store the external energy and transfer them to electric energy, which can be used for charging the cellphones and used for illuminating when we are away from home. What’s more, some lighting effects can also be embedded into the clothing to make it more different, more fashionable and more attractive.

  How time flies! Nearly 1:00 PM, we came out of the cafeteria and hugged with each other to say goodbye. The time during which we were together was never long enough. What could last forever were the nostalgia and memories.

[ 2011-06-03 ]