International Undergraduate Students To-do-list After Arriving

For any query, please check DIRECTORY or Q&A.

1. Come to SJTU Minhang Campus

  • From Pudong airport. By taxi: 200 RMB in daytime and 250 RMB in night time and takes 45 min with no traffic jam. By subway(from Pudong stop of Line 2 to Jianchuan Road Stop of Line 5) 9 RMB and takes 115min. By Airport Bus Line 7 and transfer bus 180 takes 120 min and costs 22 RMB. 
  • From Hongqiao Airport/ Train Station. By taxi 105 RMB and takes 30 min with no traffic jam. By subway(from Hongqiao Stop of Line 2 to Jianchuan Road Stop of Line 5)  6 RMB and takes 70 min. By Bus(虹桥枢纽4路) RMB 7 and takes 80 min. 


2. Check in your dormitory or rent an apartment by yourself

  • Check-in starts from one week before each semester's registration date.
  • Students in Minhang Campus: Please take your admission notice to Room 306, Old Administration Building to check-in during 8:30-17:00 from Monday to Friday. If you need urgent check-in service, please go directly to dormitory Building 8 for temporary housing and go to Room 306 to check-in next day. (Minhang Campus provides a few single-person rooms. Students who prefer these rooms can ask for them at check-in.) In this step, you would  get the key of the room and the remote controller of the air-conditioner, etc.


3. Finish “Registration Form of Temporary Visitors” (临时住宿登记表)

Go to Room 109, No. 8 International Student dormitory Building if you live on Minhang campus, or hotel front desk, or police station if you live outside campus to fill this form.

This format is needed to apply for residence card. 


4. Book a date for Physical Examination

X1 Visa students need to obtain a health re-examination certificate from Shanghai Health and Epidemic-Prevention Center to get a residence permit. It may take a week or two to get the result and the result would be needed to apply for residence card. Since international students need to finish residence card application in the first month of arrival, so you need to hurry to get physical examination result.

Make the appointment as soon as you can get access to Internet through the link


5. Registration at the International Student Center on Minhang Campus

  • Please bring all the required materials on the date printed on your Admission Notice for registration.  
  • After registration, you would immediately get SJTU International Student ID(校园卡). With this ID, you could: 1) for all study-related purposes including applying for elective courses, paying fees, enrollment, etc. 2) use the student information retrieval system to print out your score report after the final exams of each semester for free. 3) Apply for a “Library Card” at the school library. You should use the card according to the rules and regulations set by the school library. 4)Pay on-campus canteen dining fee and shuttle bus fee. 
  • Three month later, you would get you Students Certificate(学生证), which you may need from the second semester for registration.
  • If you are not able to register on schedule, please send a written explanation to SEIEE at least one week before the semester begins. Failure to do so will be deemed as quitting school and you will automatically lose your student status. The offer of accommodation will also be withdrawn by the school.


6. Residence Card(外国人居留证) for Foreigners

All the “X1” visa holders are required to apply for “Residence Card for Foreigners”. With this card is especially useful for multi-exit-and-entry. 

The application of “Residence Card for Foreigners” must be done within 30 days after you arrive at China, or you would get penalty of RMB 500/day.

If you hand in passport, health certificate and relevant fees within the designated time, Exit and Entry Department in Room 200B in New Administrative Buidling would apply on your behalf for your “Residence Card for Foreigners” (also named Residence Permit) at the Shanghai  Exit and Entry Bureau collectively. Otherwise, you will have to go to the Bureau in person to apply for the card.

One needs to pay 400 RMB for 12 months stay, and 800 RMB for 12-36 months stay.  


7. Insurance

All the international students are required to buy insurance. One could purchase insurance from his/her own country, or ask SJTU to buy on one's behalf . Students without insurance would not be considered for all the scholarship opportunities. 

8.  Orientation

 Orientation usually is scheduled right before semester starts. Please check here for detailed schedule information. It is a great opportunity to familirize yourself with SJTU and meet your one-on-one buddy from SICA

[ 2014-07-14 ]