Campus Canteens and Restaurants

There are five canteens on Minhang Campus, where students can use a campus ID card to pay. Students can deposit money in the cards at the Campus ID Card Service Office to the east of the first canteen and service desks in other canteens.

Opening Hours: 6:00~9:00 for breakfast, 10:30~13:00 for lunch, 16:30~19:00 for dinner.

Refreshments such as ravioli, porridge and noodles are served during daytime.

The first canteen

Located on the west campus near the teaching buildings

The second canteen

Near the big wheel on the east campus

The third canteen

On the north campus, beside the Dormitory D25

The fourth canteen

Near the postgraduate dormitories

The fifth canteen

Time Café is housed in the ancillary building. It serves pizza, coffee and various western-style set meals with wireless Internet access. The building has a deck overlooking a quiet lake, surrounded by trees alongside the waterfront. It is an ideal place to get away from the crowd.

Opening hours: 13:00-17:00, 19:00-23:00
Take-out service: +86 21 34205688

Contact Information

For any inquires of the canteens, please contact the hall manager on duty or call the service center:

  • The first canteen: +86 21 54742670
  • The second canteen: +86 21 54748006
  • The third canteen: +86 21 54748006


Campus ID Card Management Center

  • +86 21 34203030 (http://ecard.sjtu.edu.cn)
  • Complaint hotline: Canteen Management Office on Minhang Campus: +86 21 54748003;
  • Logistics Group: +86 21 62932536
  • Supervision hotline: Logistics Support Office: +86 21 62933231



Other Food Services

Hello House

A fast food restaurant near the dormitories in the West Area 1.
Hualian Life Center: campus ID card is not accepted.
Snack boothes: usually open from noon to midnight.

Liuyuan Restaurant

South of Dorm Building 8 for international students on the west campus
Tel: +86 21 54745770

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