To-do List Before Arriving

1. Get SJTU Admission Letter

SJTU level Semester Exchange Students admission package would be delivered by SJTU International Students Center Mobility Office to Foreign University Program Coordinator.

SEIEE level Semester Exchange Students admission package would be delivered by SEIEE Graduate Office to Foreign University Program Coordinator.

Project Exchange Students admission package would be delivered by SJTU supervisor to students directly.

Please confirm mailing address with related office/supervisor


2. Visa Application

   Apply for” X1” or “X2” visa at Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate in your country.

X1 visa means studying in China for more than 180 days.Students who need internship must apply for X1 visa. Students with X1 visa should apply for residence permit after arriving in Shanghai.

X2 visa means studying in China for less than 180 days.

Prepare those materials for visa application:  

(1) Valid regular passport

(2) SJTU Admission Notice

(3) Visa Application Form (JW202 Form)

(4) Physical Examination Report

When you receive the Chinese visa, please make sure that the embassy or consulate returns the Admission Notice and JW202 Form page 3 (the yellow page) to you. These are important documents which you will need to submit to the Shanghai Exit-Entry Bureau for residence permit.


3. Dormitory Reservation 

  • Reservation


(2) Reservation Time: Each semester different, check the material in Admission Package

(3) User name: Student ID on Admission Notice

(4) Password: The last six digits of your passport number (From left to right, for example, if your passport number is AK512364, and then your password is 512364. If your passport number is less than six digits, then add 0 before the first digit of number until the number is six digits, for example, your passport number is 1236, and then your password is 001236)

(5)Reservation Procedure

a. Use your user name and password to login your account

b. Click the button “我要预定(I want to book)” on the left page

c. Select your reservation period > Select the dormitory building you like > Select the room you like > Confirm your reservation

d. Pay accommodation fee. (ONLINE PAYMENT as Payment Method 1 is recommended, or you could choose OFFLINE PAYMENT (Bank remittance as Payment Method 2, and more information about payment in the next part of this notice)

e. Finish the reservation

(6)For most updated information, check website:


  • Other important information

(2) The reservation is valid until Sept.27th, 2015 for the fall semester of 2015 and will be cancelled automatically in case that you don’t check in after that time. You should submit an application to related department if you are not able to register on time.
(3) You could look up more information about on-campus accommodation on the reservation webpage. A successful reservation indicates you are aware of and agree all accommodation regulations and policies of SJTU and you are required to sign a housing contract with SJTU when you check in.
(4) As the dormitories on campus are limited, you are suggested to make your reservation as early as possible, or you could be NOT allowed to move into the dormitory in the fall semester of 2015.
(5) Please take care of religious issue if you would like to choose a double room with a roommate.
(6) If you have any questions, please contact International Student Service Center.
Xuhui Campus:, 021-62933305
Minhang Campus:, 021-34203955


4. Tuition Payment

For self-support students, tuition fee needs to be paid before every new semester starts. One would not be allowed to register if he/she fails to pay the tuition fee at the designated time.

New students can pay the tuition by remittance, credit cards, personal check, traveler’s check, and cash in Chinese currency(RMB) or US Dollars to the following account. From the second year, all bachelor-degree students who have opened bank accounts are required to pay the tuition fee via the individual accounts in Bank of China, deducting the amount of money of tuition automatically by the bank. Therefore, before August 15th every year, please deposit enough money in RMB for the tuition fee into the account. you are required to write “YOUR NAME+STUDENT ID No. + Tuition Fee” as remarks of your remittance.






中国银行 上海市分行  港汇广场支行

银行地址(BANK ADD):

中国 上海市 虹桥路3号





邮政编码(POST CODE):



5. China Entry Date

It is recommended that you enter China at least one day before the registration date. The life and study orientation from SJTU would always be offered around reistration date, before the semester starts.   Please notify us at least one week before the registration date if you can't come for the registration.


6. Living in Shanghai 

Please check those website out for more information about Shanghai. 

1) Study in Shanghai

2) About Shanghai 

3) All about Shanghai 


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