How to obtain certificate from SJTU for inviting spouse/child to Shanghai

Any international student who plans to invite family members to China could apply for two documents from SJTU to facilitate the grant of visa for your family members:

1."Studying Certificate" offered by the Graduate School, SJTU

This document is to certify your current study status at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and could be obtained at Room 331, ChenRuiQiu Building, Minhang Campus with your student ID card.

2. "Scholarship Certificate" offered by the International Student Center, SJTU
This document is to certify your scholarship status which could prove your financial ability.
This file could be obtained at Room 807, New Administrative Bldg. B., Minhang Campus.

3. For other materials, please refer to the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in your own country.

[ 2015-10-29 ]