2011 SEIEE ME Graduation Ceremony Held


SJTU SEIEE 2011 Master of Engineering (ME) Graduation Ceremony was held in the Auditorium of Telecom Group Building on May 15th, 2011. The ceremony was chaired by SEIEE Vice Dean Yang Genke. Among those who attended the ceremony were Vice Dean of Gratuate School Liu Mingzhu, SEIEE CPC Committee Secretary Zhang Ansheng, SEIEE Executive Vice Dean Mao Junfa, SEIEE CPC Committee Deputy Secretary Mo Guangcheng and Yang Yifan, Vice Director of CSE Department Zhang Liqing, Professor and ME Supervisor of EE Department Wang Haoxing, as well as Xu Changqing and Lai Xiaoyang on the supervisors’ behalf.

Liu Mingzhu, Vice Dean of Gratuate School, addressed first. After sending best wishes to all the graduates, he hoped they could bear in mind the school motto “when you drink water, never shall you forget its source; love your motherland and bring honor to your almamater” and contribute as much as possible to society and nation by applying what they have learned.

Executive Vice Dean Mao Junfa introduced the in-service Masters in Engineering of SEIEE, and specified two majors, for which the ceremony conferred the ME degree.

As supervisor representative, Xu Changqing from EE Department reviewed the college life of ME students, and made an outlook for their future development.

Chen Weiye, on behalf of graduates, delivered a moving speech, in which great thanks were expressed to the school. He said three years’ study had not only left with them beautiful memories, but will also bring great help to their own career developments.

After speech delivery came the most exciting moment— degree and diploma granting.

In the beautiful melody, 2011 ME graduation ceremony drew to an end. The graduate masters all expressed that they would identify themselves as SJTUers and that with the school motto engraved in mind, they would continue carrying forward the SJTU tradition by contributing their own wisdom and power to the prosperity of the motherland.

[ 2011-05-16 ]