Academy of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

  • Name:Zhen Huang
  • Title:Assistant Professor
  • Office:Room 200-2, State Energy Smart Grid R&D Center
  • Office Phone:+86-21-34208693
  • Website:

Research Field

State of the art electric machine design, Closed-loop drive and control system design, Fundamental properties and applications of magnetic materials and superconductors, Electromagnetic phenomena in superconducting magnets


Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London, London, UK
M.Sc., Control and Power Research Group,
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge (Darwin College), Cambridge, UK
Ph.D., Electronics, Power and Energy Conversion Group, Electrical Engineering Division

Work experience

Teaching Assistant for Maths and Computing, Prof. Bill Byrne (Head of Division F)
Division F (Information Engineering), Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge


Visiting Researcher, Prof. Joseph Minervini (Assistant Director)
Plasma Science and Fusion Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Visiting Researcher, Prof. Naoyuki Amemiya and Prof. Taketsune Nakamura
Department of Electrical Engineering, Applied Superconductivity Laboratory, Kyoto University

Awards and Honors

China Scholarship Council Study Aboard Scholarship,
Shanghai Chenguang Scholar, Pujiang Talent


EE26008: Introduction of Multi-physics and FEM analysis