The SEIEE Students

Currently the SEIEE programs have 905 doctoral candidates, 2315 full-time master candidates, and 4048 undergraduate students. During recent years, the school has won 4 second-class National Awards of Education, 5 National Model Courses, 5 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations, and 7 National-nominated Excellent Doctoral Dissertations. In addition, the SEIEE has certified academic programs such as the “Engineering-Management Joint Class” and the “IEEE Honor Class”, both of which are recognized by the IEEE. We are passionate about creating an environment that is the best for the students and faculty alike. SEIEE strives to cultivate leaders and elites through its innovative spirit. Our smart and motivated students can participate in exciting partnership programs with over 30 famous overseas universities. In addition, we offer our students with a variety of opportunities in social practices, volunteer services, technique innovations, etc. In fact, SEIEE is well-known for providing the unique platform for students to broaden their knowledge and improve their skills for future career successes, via various kinds of competitions home and abroad, such as worldwide ACM contests. Following our model of excellence, our students have achieved acclaimed successes over the past three years: over 300 internationally recognized awards have been rewarded to the students, comprising of nearly 70% of total awards received by the entire university. The SEIEE graduates are instilled with solid academic foundations and comprehensive skill sets to pursue their dreams in life. Upon graduating, our well-rounded students are readily welcomed into the professional environment. Over 98% of our graduates find field jobs upon graduation, many of whom now hold prestigious positions in national enterprises, foreign corporations, and prosperous industries.