School of Software

  • Name:Hongming Cai
  • Title:Professor
  • Office:21-34205153
  • Office Phone:21-34205153
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Research Field

· Service Oriented Computing and Business Process Modeling
· Cooperative Computing
· Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphic(CAD/CG)


· 1999-2002, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xian, China, PH.D candidate
· 1996-1999, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xian, China, Master student
· 1992-1996, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xian, China, Bachelor student

Work experience

· 2002-2004, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai JiaoTong University
· 2004-2008, Assistant Professor,, School of Software, Shanghai JiaoTong University, China
· 2008-2009, Visiting Scholar, BIT institute, Mannheim University, Germany, sponsored by Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation
· 2009-2016, Associated Professor/Professor, School of Software, Shanghai JiaoTong University, China


Senior member, ACM
· Senior member, IEEE
· Member of Council, China Graphics Society, China
· General Secretary, Technical Committee of Computer Graphics, China Graphics Society, China
· Executive Member of Council, Shanghai China Graphics Society, China
· Member, Technical Committee of Cooperative Computing, China Computer Federation, China
· Member, Technical Committee of Manufacturing Technology, Chinese Association of Automation, China
· Member, Technical Committee of Cloud Computing, Chinese Association of Communication, China

Awards and Honors

· Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award 2nd Class (2), by Shanghai Government of China, 2013
· National Excellent Scientific and Technological Workers, China, 2012
· KoGuan Top Ten Distinguished Professors of Shanghai JiaoTong University, China, 2012
· China University Science and Technology Progress Award 2nd Class (2), China, 2010
· Scholarship of Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, Germany, 2008
· Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award 3nd Class (2), China, 2006
· China University Science Award 2nd Class (6), China, 2001


 Information system analysis and design(undergraduate course)
 Enterprise Information system design and implementation(undergraduate course)
 Process Modeling and optimization(postgraduate course)
 Information modeling and enterprise process reengineering(postgraduate course)


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1) Principal Investigator:Research of Self-changing Services-oriented Application Construction based on Ontology Evolution, Founded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (2014.1-2017.12, 0.76 million RMB).
2) Principal Investigator:Ontology Generation and Evolution towards Self-changing Services, Founded by National Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai, China (2014.1-2016.12, 0.1 million RMB).
3) Principal Investigator:Research of medical information technology for the future, Supported by Shanghai Quyi Information Cop.. China (2015.11-2016.11, 3.4 million RMB).