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  • Name:Guoqiang LI
  • Title:associate professor, doctorial supervisor
  • Office:1212, Software Builiding
  • Office Phone:+86 - 21-34204167
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Research Field

formal verification
programming language theory
knowledge representation, reasoning and verification
data analytics
machine intelligence


2005.4 – 2008.3, PhD., Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
2002.9 – 2005.3, MSc., Department of CST, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
1997.9 - 2001.7, BSc., Department of CST, Taiyuan University of Technology

Work experience

2014.01 - Associate Professor, School of Software, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2016.12 - 2020.4 Guest Associate Professor, Research and Development Center for Smart Mobility, Kyushu University
2015.07 - 2016.07, Academic Visitor, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford
2009.04 – 2013.12, Lecturer, School of Software, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2009.12 – 2010.12, Liaison Staff, Bureau of International Cooperation, NSFC
2008.04 – 2009.03, Posdoc. Researcher, NCES, Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University


Verification Models and Efficient Algorithms of Asynchronously Communicating Programs Based on Basic Parallel Processes, PI, NSFC General Program, 2019-2022
Reliability of Safety Critical Software Systems, Sub-project PI, NSFC Key Program, 2018-2022
Theory and Methodology of Asynchronously Communicating Program Analysis PI, NSFC General Program, 2017
Verification on Reachability Problem of Time-Sensitive Pushdown Systems PI, NSFC General Program, 2015-2018
Methodology of Program Analysis Based on Automata Model Checking with Time Issues PI, NSFC Youth, 2012-2014

Awards and Honors

ICSE 2020 distinguished paper award



Algorithm Design (SE3352) (2021-)
Mathematical Foundation for Computer Sciences (SE2324)(2021-)
Design and Implementation of Algorithms (SE121) (2020)
Principle of Algorithms (SE222) (2016-2019)
Computability Theory (SE226) (2012-2014)


Design and Analysis of Algorithms (EI6303) (2011- )
Academic Writing, Norms and Ethics (GE6001) (2019-)
Fundamentals of Programming Languages (X037515) (2017)


A full list of the publications is available on my webpage.

Journals and Transactions:

Suyu Ma, Cheng Chen, Zhenchang Xing, Lizhen Qu, Chunyang Chen, Guoqiang Li*. Easy-to-Deploy API Extraction by Multi-Level Feature Embedding and Transfer Learning. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, accepted

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Conferences and Workshops:

Qunhao Sha, Qizhe Yang, Guoqiang Li*. A Parallel Implementation of Liveness on Knowledge Graphs under Label Constraints. In Proceedings of the TASE'21, IEEE Society, 103-110, 2021

Jieshan Chen, Mulong Xie, Zhenchang Xing, Chunyang Chen, Xiwei Xu, Liming Zhu, Guoqiang Li. Object Detection for Graphical User Interface: Old Fashioned or Deep Learning or a Combination?. In Proceedings of the ESEC/FSE'20, 1202-1214, 2020

Jieshan Chen, Chunyang Chen*, Zhenchang Xing, Xiwei Xu, Liming Zhu, Guoqiang Li*, Jinshui Wang. Unblind Your Apps: Predicting Natural-Language Labels for Mobile GUI Components by Deep Learning. In Proceedings of the ICSE'20, accepted, 2020 (Distinguished paper award!)

Dehai Zhao, Zhenchang Xing, Chunyang Chen, Xiwei Xu, Liming Zhu, Guoqiang Li*, Jinshui Wang. Seenomaly: Vision-Based Linting of GUI Animation Effects Against Design-Don't Guidelines. In Proceedings of the ICSE'20, 2020

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Guest Editor of Journal of Software(软件学报), Vol. 5, 2018

Committee member: Technical Committee of Formal Methods, China Computer Federation

Committee member: Technical Committee of Theoretical Computer Science, Shanghai Computer Society

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SEKM'21 | SEKM'20 | FMAC'17

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SEKM'19 | FMAC'19 | ICEBE'19 | SATE'19 | SETTA'19 | TASE'19
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