Instrument Science and Engineering

  • Name:CHEN, Di
  • Title:Professor Dr.
  • Office:micro/nano Sci. & Eng. 2-218
  • Office Phone:021-34206992
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Research Field

1. MEMS fabrication technique
2. microfluidics
3. Bio-MEMS


1986 Diploma Chemist, Department of Chemistry, University of Hamburg, Germany
1990 Doctor of Natural Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Hamburg, Germany

Work experience

05/1990 – 12/1992 Post doctoral researcher, MicroParts Company, Germany
01/1993 – 12/1995 Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
01/1996 – present Professor, Research Institute of Micro/nano Science & Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


1. 863: Study on key technique of artificial retina (12/1/2006 – 11/30/2008) PI
2. NSFC: Integrated probe card based on MEMS micro spring (1/1/2006 – 12/31/2008) PI
3. SIEMENS: Micro harverster from vibration energy (11/2008-12/2009) PI
4. 863: Non silicon surface microfabrication and flexible substrate technique (12/1/2006 – 11/30/2008) Co-PI
5. NSFC: Measurement of vision micro force based on blurred pictures and force information (1/2009-12/2012) Co-PI
6. Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality: Study on key technology of wireless brain dry electrode cap and driver alertness monitoring system (10/2009-10/2011) Co-PI
7. 973: Key science using nanotechnology to solve gastric cancer early detection, (2010-2014) Co-PI
8. Institute of Shanghai Aerospace: High aspect ratio non-silicon microfabrication technique, (2012-2014) PI
9. SJTU-UM Foundation: Soft Robotics Movement Sensing and Feedback for Preventing Falls in Older Adults, (2014-2016) PI
10. Science and Technology commission of Shanghai: Research on the key technology of single cell manipulation for circulating tumor cells, (2015-2018), PI
National Key research and development: Research of large area precise temperature control module and
nucleic acid amplification chip (2016-2018) PI

Awards and Honors

1. China: Second prize of Technology Invention (2008) (Ranking 4)
2. Shanghai: First prize of Technology Invention (2007) (Ranking 3)
3. Ministry of Education: Second Prize of Natural Science (2008) (Ranking 3)
4. Ministry of Education: First Prize of Natural Science (2014) (Ranking 4)
5. Shanghai: First prize of Technology Invention (2016) (Ranking 9)


1. Science and Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication (in English)
2. Internet of things and smart cities


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