Electrical Engineering

  • Name:Tai Nengling
  • Title:Professor
  • Office:1-327
  • Office Phone:62933853/34204295
  • Email:nltai@sjtu.edu.cn
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Research Field


Work experience


Mainly engaged in power system relay protection and intelligent power transmission and distribution technology. As head of program, hosted research work of a number of vertical and horizontal subjects including two of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, “11th Five” National Scientific and Technical Support Plan, Sub-projects of National Major Projects, Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China, Xuji Teacher Research Foundation, Shanghai University Reserve Fund for Outstanding Young Teachers, "Smart power transmission and distribution technology", "Fast protection system for single-phase grounding in transmission line”, "Expo underground substation simulation system", "Research on Zhejiang Huaneng Yuhuan power plant 1000MW generator unit", etc. As main participant, completed a number of power system control and planning subjects including two national "9th Five" major scientific and technical project of "Protection system for single-phase grounding in Three Gorges power generator stator" and "Multi-branch coil protection system for generator stator of Three Gorges power station", "Regional power control in East China Grid", "Internal faults analysis, protection configuration and related assessment for generator unit of Three Gorges power station”, etc., and gained important achievements

Awards and Honors

Won the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Prize once (rank No.1),



published more than 100 papers home and abroad, of which nearly 25 papers published abroad, including 15 on SCI source journals, and more than 60 papers on domestic EI source journals. Currently included 13 SCI papers, more than 80 EI papers and 8 national patents.