Electronic Engineering

  • Name:Chen Yingqi
  • Title:Associate Researcher
  • Office:4-232
  • Office Phone:34204017
  • Email:yingqichen@sjtu.edu.cn
  • Website:

Research Field

Multimedia system Architecture, intelligent images/video processing system and the SOC chip design.


1988.9-1992.7: Xidian University, major in Industrial Automation for bachelor degree.
1994.9-1997.3: Xidian University, major in circuit and system for master degree.
1997.4-2000.4: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, major in Patter recognition and Intelligence system for Phd. Degree

Work experience

2006-Current: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in EE Dept. as an associate researcher.
2000-2006: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in EE Dept. as a lecture.
1992-1994: Xidian University, in Circuit CAD Institute as an assistant researcher.


High Definition TV system Key equipment research and development.
Digital HDTV decoder SoC chip and key IP design.
HDTV set top box system development.
Frame rate up conversion implementation technology. Etc.

Awards and Honors

second and third Awards of ministerial-level scientific and technological progresses


Digital system simulation and VHDL design


“Multiple MIPS 4Kc cores based interrupt controller design and its implementation on HDTV SoC platform”, Chen Yingqi,Lin Guixu,etc., High Techenology Letters, Vol.13, No.3, Sept. 2007, p.297-301
“Design and implementation of the software system on MPSoC: An HDTV decoder case study”, Tan, Zhiming; Chen, Yingqi;etc., IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, v 52, n 4, November, 2006, p 1333-1339 Etc.