School of Software

  • Name:QI Zhengwei
  • Title:Professor
  • Office:Room 1207
  • Office Phone:021-34205595
  • Website:

Research Field

Program Analysis, Android's performance/security analysis, automatic testing
Cloud and mobile computing, Device virtualization (GPU/FPGA), Virtual machines/containers, system security


2002–2005 PhD in Computer Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Dept. Computer Science.
1999–2002 MS in Computer Science, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Dept. Computer Science.
1995-1999 BA in Aircraft Design, Northwestern Polytechnical University , Dept. Aircraft.

Work experience

2005-Today, School of Software, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2008, a visiting teacher in the system group of Microsoft Research Asia
2011-2012, a visiting scholar in CMU SCS, hosted by Professor Edmund M. Clarke


1. Principal Investigator: The Research on the Scalability and Availability of Virtualized GPU Resources, sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, (2017-2020)
2. Principal Investigator: The lightweight virtual machine based system-wide program analysis, sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, (2013~2016).
3. Principal Investigator: New Device Virtualization and Giant Virtual Machines, sponsored by the National Key Research & Development Program of China, (2016~2020).
4. National Basic Data Platform of Danxia Landform, sponsored by National R&D Infrastructure and Facility Development Program in China (2013-2018).

Awards and Honors

1. The "Challenge Cup" National University Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition, Ministry of Education, Outstanding Award, mentor.
2. Ministry of Education Award for Science and Technology Progress, 2012.
3. Ministry of Education Award for New Century Excellent Talents in University, 2011
4. Chenxing Young Scholar Award, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2009, the second prize
5. The Second International ICT Innovation Competition, Chinese Academy of Science, Champion, 2009, mentor
6. The Third Chinese Chess Prize, World Computer Chess Championship,2008, mentor
7. National Award for Science and Technology Progress, 2014.


1. Programming Language Design II, Undergraduate.
2. Computer System Security, Master
3. The Foundation of Virtualization, Master of Engineering
4. Embedded Systems, Master of Engineering
5. Advanced Operating Systems, Ministry of Education First-Class Course, 2007-2010, Master
6. Foundation of Software Engineering, 2006-2008,Undergraduate
7. Computer Architecture, 2009-2012, Master of Engineering


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[2] Yudi Zheng, Andrea Rosà, Luca Salucci, Yao Li, Haiyang Sun, Omar Javed, Lubomír Bulej, Lydia Y. Chen, Zhengwei Qi, Walter Binder: AutoBench: Finding Workloads That You Need Using Pluggable Hybrid Analyses. SANER 2016: 639-643
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[8] Chao Zhang, Jianguo Yao, Zhengwei Qi, Miao Yu, Haibing Guan: vGASA: Adaptive Scheduling Algorithm of Virtualized GPU Resource in Cloud Gaming. IEEE Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst. 25(11): 3036-3045 (2014)
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[12] W.Richard Stevens, Stephen A.Rago. [Zhengwei Qi, Yayin Zhang, Jinyuan You (translators)]: Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment (in Chinese), Posts & Telecom Press, 2014


ACM and IEEE member, CCF Senior member
CCF Professional Committee of System Software & Theoretical Computer Science member
YOCSEF Shanghai Academic Committee, China Computer Federation, 2009-2010, Best Academic Secretary Award