Electrical Engineering

  • Name:Huang Chengjun
  • Title:Associate Professor
  • Office:
  • Office Phone:62933483/34204174
  • Email:chjhuang@sjtu.edu.cn
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Research Field

His major research interests include PD detection, PD signal processing, PD pattern analysis and development of online/offline PD detection and evaluation systems.


C.J. Huang received the B.E. , M. Eng. and PhD degrees from Shanghai Jiao Tong University,
China, in 1991,1994 and 2000, respectively.

Work experience

C.J. Huang joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1994 and acted as an associate professor from 2000.


C.J. Huang has been involved in the development of PD monitoring systems for various high voltage apparatus since 1996.
1996~2006 PD online monitoring system for power generator
2007~2008 PD online monitoring and diagnostic system for XLPE cable
2009~2010 UHF based PD online monitoring and diagnosis system for GIS

Awards and Honors

Access to the Shandong Power Science and Technology Advancement Award, Third Class Prominent teacher of Electrical Engineering


Digital Signal Processing Practice for undergraduate; Application Technology of Digital Signal Processor for graduate


In the recent 10 years, C.J. Huang has published more than 100 academic papers. Seletected publications are as follows.
[1] HUANG Cheng-jun and YU Wei-yong. Study of adaptive filter algorithm based on wavelet analysis in suppressing PDS periodic narrow bandwidth noise. Proceedings of the CSEE, Iss 01,2003.
[2] HUANG Cheng-jun and YU Wei-yong. Application of wavelet packets in detecting polarity of partial discharge signal. Power System Technology, Iss 01, 2001.
[3] HUANG Cheng-jun, YU Wei-yong and Hu Rui.The PD On line Monitoring System Based on the Digital Signal Processing. High Voltage Engineering, Iss 04, 2000.
[2] Qian Yong, Huang Cheng-jun, Chen Chen, et al. Application of Multi-wavelet Based on Denoising Algorithm in Partial Discharge Detection. Proceedings of the CSEE, Iss 06,2007.
[3] Qian Yong, Huang cheng-jun, Chen chen, et al. Empirical mode decomposition based denoising algorithm for extracting partial discharge. Automation of Power system, Iss 12, 2005.
[4] Qian yong,Huang cheng-jun,Chen chen et al. Investigation of Multi-wavelet based algorithm for extracting diversiform partial discharge. Automation of Power system, Iss07,2007.
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C. Guo, C. Huang, Y. Qian, et al. The Electroquasistatic Field Simulation and Analysis for the Insulation Defects in XLPE Power Cables. International Review of Electrical Engineering, 2009, 4(6):1413-1417.
C. Guo, C. Huang, Y. Qian, et al. Time-frequency Representation to the Analysis of Partial Discharges in Power Cable Using Novel Transform Method. Electrical Review - Przeglad Elektrotechniczny, 2010, 86(6):288-291.