Electrical Engineering

  • Name:Wang Yong
  • Title:AssociateProfessor
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  • Email:wangyong75@sjtu.edu.cn
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Research Field

Power Electronics, Converter and inverter technology, Wind power, Solar inverters, Fuel cell, Power electronics applications in renewable energy systems.


2002-2005, Power Electronics, Zhejiang university
1999-2002,Power Electronics, Hefei University of Technology
1994-1998,Electrical Engineering, Anhui Architecture Industry University

Work experience

2008.08-2009.12, Danfoss solar inverters, Soenderborg,Denmark
2005.08-2008.08, Samsung advanced institute of technology, Suwon, Korea


novel multi-level solar inverters;
off-grid solar inverters
storage system;
frequency converter.

Awards and Honors


Power electronics—Converters, Applications, And Design, English teaching for Junior


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