Electrical and Electronic Experimental Teaching Center

  • Name:张士文 ( Zhang, Shiwen)
  • Title:Senior Lab Instructor
  • Office:4-314
  • Office Phone:34204436
  • Email:A sjtu.edu.cn
  • Website:http://eelab.sjtu.edu.cn

Research Field

Fault prediction in engineering, Embeded systems, circuit design


2001, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, power electronics, master of engineering

Work experience

2001-: Falcuty of School of Electronics, Information and electrical Engineering


Awards and Honors


EI207:模拟电子技术(Analog Circuit)
EI228:工程实践与科技创新Ⅱ-B(Engineering Practice and Technological Innovation II-B)
EI312:工程实践与科技创新III-C, (Engineering Practice and Technological Innovation III-C)
EI401:工程实践与科技创新IV-C(Engineering Practice and Technological Innovation IV-C)
ES004:基于安卓开发平台的电子系统综合设计(Electronics system Design based on android system)


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