Electrical and Electronic Experimental Teaching Center

  • Name:梁阿磊
  • Title:Associate Professor
  • Office:Room 1-109 Software School
  • Office Phone:null
  • Email:liangalei@sjtu.edu.cn
  • Website:

Research Field

Computer Architecture


MS108: Computer System I - for undergraduates of ACM class
MS110: Computer System II - for undergraduates of ACM class
IE310: Operating System - for EE undergraduates
CS356: Lab & Design of Operating System - for EE undergraduates

Work experience

1991 - 1995, engineer in The 41th Institution of China Electronic Department
2002 - 2017, faculty of Shanghai Jiaotong University


Binary Translation and Virtualization Technology (2004-2010)
Swarm Intelligence (2007-2012)

Awards and Honors

- 1995, Science & Technology Award in China Electronic Department, 3rd-level, rank 3
- 2014, Science & Technology Award in China Technology Department, 2nd-level, rank 8

- 2008, Excellent Teaching Award in SJTU, 1st-level
- 2009, Bao-Gang Excellent Teaching Award in China Education Department
- 2010 and 2011, twice Nomination of Most welcome teacher in SJTU
- 2010,Excellent Education Award in China Education Department, 2nd-level, rank 7


I am now giving the course of Computer Architecture and Operating System for undergraduates in EE/CS/SE. Since year 2002, I also take courses in Computer Networking, Embedded System, etc.


- Translation of "Introduction to Computer System, 2nd ed., written by Yale Patt", 2007