Electronic Engineering

  • Name:Chen Jianping
  • Title:Professor
  • Office:Rm 5-213, SEIEE Bldgs
  • Office Phone:86-21-34205140
  • Email:jpchen62@sjtu.edu.cn
  • Website:

Research Field

-Silicon photonic devices and integration
-Photonic signal processing and applications
-Transmission, switching and sensing photonics


BSc: Zhejiang University (1979-1983)
MSc: Shanghai Jiao Tong University(1983-1986)
PhD: Shanghai Jiao Tong University(1989-1992)

Work experience

Lecturer, Asso. Prof. & Prof., EE Dept., Shanghai Jiao Tong University(1986-Now)


-key issues on photonic integrated chips for high-speed and low-power signal processing (973 project by MOST, 2011-2015)
-Study on Ultrafast Real-time Opto-electronic Digital Oscilloscope(NSFC Special Fund for Scientific Instrumentation, 2012-2015)

Awards and Honors

-Chief Scientistof the National Basic Research Program (973 Program)
-National Teaching Achievement Award (Second Prize, 2009)
-Scientific and Technological Progress Award on Natural Science by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, China (Second Prize, 2004)
-Scientific and Technological Progress Award by the Ministry of Education, China (Third Prize, 2000)


-Analogue Electronics (Undergraduates)
-Test and Experiment on Fiber Optics Communications (Graduates)


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-Photoconductive effect on p-i-p micro-heaters integrated in silicon microring resonators, OPTICS EXPRESS, 22(2):2141-2149, 2014
-CMOS-compatible temperature-independent tunable silicon optical lattice filters, OPTICS EXPRESS, 21(8): 9447-9456, 2013
-Tunable silicon Fabry-Perot comb filters formed by Sagnac loop mirrors, OPTICS LETTERS, 38(4): 567-569, 2013
-Chirp-free optical return-to-zero modulation based on a single microring resonator, OPTICS EXPRESS, 20(7): 7663-7671, 2012.
-Coherent interference induced transparency in self-coupled optical waveguide-based resonators, OPTICS LETTERS, 36(1): 13-15, 2011.

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-An index-based parallel scheduler for optical burst switching networks, JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, 29(18): 2766-2773, 2011.

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