SEIEE holds 2nd Faculty Badminton Competition theme “Happiness and Health!”

To enrich the faculty’s leisure activities, enhance physical health, and promote SEIEE Labor Union’s “Harmonious and Happy home” campaign, the 2nd SEIEE faculty badminton competition opened on April 8, 2015. At 1PM, Union member Ji Zijun hosted the event and present at the opening ceremony were President Yu Wenxian from the Research Institute, Deputy Party Secretary Mo Guangcheng, Deputy Party Secretary and Chairman of SEIEE Labor Union Yang Yifan, and Vice President Li Shaoyuan.


Professor Mo signaled the competition to begin, saying “On your mark, get set, go!” Participants included the Electrical Engineering Department, Automation Department, Computer Science and Engineering Department, Electronic Engineering Department, Instrumental Science and Engineering Department, the SEIEE Administration Office, SEIEE Labor Union, Research Institute, Xin’An Academy, Micro-nano Electronics Department and together with other AEMD joined the competition.



To strengthen the interactivity of the game and in order to have more faculty and wide-age staff joining the competition, the game continued last year’s men’s and women’s doubles, with one competitor above 45 years old in the men’s doubles. The competition used the 11-point system and a best of three set which increased the participants’ involvement, competition, interactivity and enjoyment as a whole.



During the intense competition, leaders from all departments and colleges also joined and played in the games and there were lots of cheering. All athletes showed their full passion and sportsmanship displaying positive attack, tight defense, net ball, midfield sliced smash, the back high ball and hanging moves and showed all kinds of techniques for an intense and exciting match.



After the fierce competition and cross-knockout was competed, the Electronic Engineering Department won first prize. Bagging the second prize was the Research Institute while the Labor Union and Electrical Department won third. With the full support and positive response from all faculty members, all participants learned from each other by sharing their badminton strategies and enhanced inter-school friendship.

[ 2015-04-10 ]