SEIEE Team Provided the Core Technology for World’s First Graphene Battery that Charges in 15 Minutes

Imagine your laptop, phone, or other battery-driven piece of tech recharging in less than 15 minutes? The “world’s first graphene battery”, G-King, was revealed by the Chinese company Dongxu Optoelectronics in Beijing on July 11.

 G-King charges 10 to 20 times faster than the lithium-ion battery that’s probably in your phone or laptop.  Dongxu says the cell is strong enough to be recharged 3,500 times, which it states is seven times the strength of a conventional lithium-ion battery. And it also beats lithium-ion batteries in longevity, capable of going through 3,500 charging cycles, according to the presentation.

SJTU Professor Shouwu Guo from SEIEE and his team provided the core technology for the research and development of G-King. Dongxu Optpelectronics and Shanghai Jiao Tong University also jointly established the “Dongxu Optpelectronics-SJTU Graphene Technology Center” which will be based on SJTU and directed by Prof. Shouwu Guo. This Center will considerably boost the development of Graphene technology in SJTU and will aim at cultivating more young excellent researchers on related fields.  

[ 2016-07-15 ]