The ‘Hit Up’ International Football Friendly Match

The ’Hit Up’ International Football friendly match hosted by ShanghaiJiao Tong University American Cultural Center and organized by SEIEE Student Union Overseas Center was hold successfully in the south stadium on December 18, 2016.The Deputy secretary of Communist Youth League of SEIEE Mr.XianYi Shao was present at the event and watched the match. This activity received great support from the SJTU Fierce Tiger Football team.

It was a clear sunny and mild afternoon. Student players from China and other countries had arrived in the field early to do some warmups. After almost a month of sifting and training, the contestants had rolled up their sleeves for this match, expecting to the showdown of this dual match. Nearly 200 audiences also arrived in the field early to find a best position to watch the match.  

At 2 p.m., the host announced the start of this match. With a song called ‘Fight Song’ presented by a campus singer from SJTU Singer association, the whole field was ignited.