Professor Ma Lizhuang’s research team breaks 18 world records with the newest facial recognition technology

In 2020, the sudden outbreak of the pandemic has changed our lives in unprecedented ways. To help control the spread of the coronavirus, Professor Ma Lizhuang and his team stepped up to tackle the new project “Technology and Application of Facial Recognition with complex backgrounds”.


This technology captures the natural light that reflects off people’s faces to determine whether the person is real and alive. It can distinguish between real people, pictures, videos, and masks, etc, ensuring the accuracy and safety of remote identity verification. The accuracy of this technology is currently 99.8%, precise enough to be used for financial purposes such as opening a bank account remotely. 


On May 25th, the team led by Professor Ma Lizhuang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering was awarded the Shanghai Technological Advancement Award for their phenomenal achievements. 

Not only has this technology been used to help control the pandemic, but it has also been implemented in facial feature analysis to search for people across different time periods. So far, it has helped to locate 1706 missing or abducted people, saving thousands of families. 

Although this technology seems new to us, Professor Ma and his team have been working on facial recognition technology for 10 years. The team started with only 10 people, and the accuracy rate of the earliest facial recognition product was only 60-70%. However, with years of hard work, enough patience to enhance the technology a little at a time and trust in the other team members, they eventually achieved an accuracy rate of 99.8%. During these 10 years, this project also generated economic benefits valued at over 10 billion yuan and promoted the progress of artificial intelligence-related industries. 

Given the current environment, Professor Ma believes that technology such as service robots, integrated with virtual reality (VR) augmented reality (AR), will develop rapidly in the future and become an emerging industry breaking the trillion-dollar value mark. 

[ 2021-06-28 ]