2 Young SJTU Teachers Awarded in ACM TURC 2021

Two young faculty members from the were awarded at the 4th ACM Turing Award Celebration Conference - China (ACM TURC 2021) recently concluded on August 1. Zhang Quanshi won the ACM China Rising Star Award; Jin Meng won the 2019 ACM China Doctoral Dissertation Award. Each of the two awards are given to only two winners in China every year. Congratulations to the two young teachers!

Held by ACM China Council, ACM Turing Celebration Conference - China has been held for four sessions since 2017. It This year’s conference was held in Hefei, China from July 30 to August 1, with the theme of AIOT.

The John Hopcroft Center for Computer Science in the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering was established in 2017, and it was named after John Hopcroft, a Turing Award Laureate, a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a visiting chair professor of SJTU. He is also the director of the Center. The Center’s research interests cover five major areas: artificial intelligence, computer system architecture, theoretical computing, network communication, and quantum information and computing.

Zhang Quanshi (second from the right) received the 2020 ACM China Rising Star Award, which recognizes young scholars with outstanding research potential in the field of computing in China and promotes the development and progress of young scholars in related research.

Jin Meng (second from the left) received the 2019 ACM China Doctoral Dissertation Award. Her award-winning thesis proposed and realized a highly reliable concurrent decoding system for ultra-low power passive devices and a concurrent technique for heterogeneous devices based on interference source identification.

[ 2021-08-07 ]