2024 9th Asia Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering was Successfully Held in Shanghai

2024 9th Asia Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering (ACPEE 2024) was successfully held from April 11th to 13th in Shanghai. The Conference was sponsored by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and co-sponsored by IEEE Power and Energy Society, Auckland University of Technology, Tianjin University, Sichuan University and Shanghai University of Electric Power. It was jointly chaired by Distinguished Professor Zhu Miao from School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Professor Tek-Tjing Lie from Institute of Engineering, Auckland University of Technology. The conference theme is “The Power System Innovation and Cutting-edge Technology during the Low-carbon Transition Period”.

The opening ceremony was addressed by Professor Zhu Miao and Professor Tek-Tjing Lie respectively, who warmly welcomed all the leaders, guests, specialists, and scholars to the conference. The focus of the conference was to exchange new research developments, refine key scientific issues, and promote interdisciplinary integration, particularly in the areas of new power systems, low-carbon technology, energy storage, and new energy. Both chairmen expressed the sincere gratitude to all individuals from different fields for their continuous support to the Asia series meetings on power and electrical engineering. They also expressed hope that ACPEE series meetings would continue to serve as a high-quality platform during the critical period of carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality.


Professor Tek-Tjing Lie Addressed at the Opening Ceremony


Professor Zhu Miao Addressed at the Opening Ceremony

Eight well-known specialists from the academic and industrial fields both at home and broad were invited to make key-note reports, including Professor Chi Yung Chung from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Chairman of IEEE Power and Energy Society/IEEE Fellow), Professor Jinjun Liu from Xi'an Jiaotong University (Chairman of China Power Supply Society/IEEE Fellow), Dr. Zhang Yi, CTO of RTDS Technologies Inc., Canada  (Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering/IEEE Fellow), Professor Frede Blaabjerg from Aalborg University, Denmark (IEEE Chairman of Power and Electronic Society/IEEE Fellow), Professor Yunwei Li from University of Alberta, Canada (Vice Chairman of IEEE Power Electronics Society /IEEE Fellow), Dr. Dean Sharafi from Australian Energy Market Operator, AEMO (IEEE Fellow), Professor Sorin Olaru from Paris-Saclay University, and Dr. Yan Li from Southern Power Grid Science Academe Co., Ltd. (Senior Engineer, National High-level Talent Program). The conference featured technical exchanges and interactions among specialists and attendees in a warm atmosphere. The discussions focused on new power systems and AI, modeling and control, power and electronic systems, real-time simulation of current power systems, renewable energy generation, flexible DC transmission, and other relevant topics.

The conference arranged 10 themed sub-forums and 5 poster presentations, including the operation and planning of new power system, energy storage and integrated energy system, low-carbon energy and power technology, intelligent sensing in power systems, AI application in power system, theory and application of zero-carbon transportation electrification, power equipment sensing and condition assessment, integrated energy system of fully electrified mobile vehicles. The conference received a total of 796 papers from 20 countries and regions. After a rigorous review process, 478 papers were accepted and published. Over 400 specialists and scholars in the fields of electrical and energy engineering attended the conference, engaging in a grand academic exchange through keynote reports, paper presentations, and poster sessions. Following three rounds of comprehensive evaluation by the Conference Organization Committee, 9 Best Paper Awards and 10 Best Student Paper Awards were finalized. The chairmen formally presented the award certificates to the prize-winners during the conference gala.




ACPEE 2024 invited numerous specialists from both academic and industrial fields, both domestically and internationally. The meeting saw the participation of over 400 attendees, facilitating extensive on-site interactions.

The conference specially arranged technical tour sessions for attending delegates. Some of the delegates visited the State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company's world-first 35kV kilometer-level superconducting transmission demonstration project and Shanghai Vanke's "Wonder Land" PEDF demonstration zero-carbon building project. These two demonstration projects showcase distinctive research achievements and significant technological innovations in the fields of superconducting power application and low-voltage direct current technology application, providing a first-class immersive experience for technical exchanges at the conference. During the conference, to support 2024 IEEE PES Day China series celebration activities, a special forum titled "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation" was added, inviting outstanding young scholars and engineering technicians to share relevant research work.



ACPEE 2024 Technical Tour: The World's First 35kV Kilometer-Level Superconducting Transmission Demonstration Project and "Wonder Land" PEDF Demonstration Zero-Carbon Building Project.

Since 2015, the Asia Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering (ACPEE) has been held nine times in China, Japan, Thailand, and online, attracting a large number of researchers, scholars, and students from all around the world. The conference is supported by Hongkong Mechanical Engineers Society, Chongqing Branch of IEEE PES,Shanghai Branch of IEEE IAS, "Proceedings of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering ", "CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems (CSEE JPES)", "Automation of Electric Power Systems", "Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy", "Power System Protection and Control", "Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University", "Journal of Global Energy Interconnection", "Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems", "Power System Technology", "High Voltage Engineering", "High Voltage", "Electric Power Information and Communication Technology", "Global Energy Interconnection", "Electric Power Automation Equipment". The conference also obtained media support from the Journal Center of China Electric Power Research Institute, "Electric Machines and Control", "Electric Machines & Control Application", "Electric Power Construction" and "Energy Conversion and Economics".

The successful holding of the 9th Asia Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering (ACPEE 2024) in 2024 provided a grand platform for researchers and scholars in the field of electrical engineering to exchange ideas and access cutting-edge technological information. It brought together a wide range of experts and scholars in the electrical and energy fields from both domestic and international institutions, enhancing communication and exchange of advanced technologies between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and domestic and foreign universities in the field of electrical and energy. This grand conference was completed in a strong academic atmosphere and among the wonderful presentations and active interactions. The research and development road of new power system is full of colorful sceneries. The 10th ACPEE 2025 will be hosted by Tsinghua University with a heartfelt expectation of meeting again all the friends next year.



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