Upgrade of Alumni Email System

Shanghai Jiao Tong University alumni lifelong email (@sjtu.org) is in the process of upgrading,  please note:


1.  the upgrade to Office 365 before, each user has a Live@edu account is used to access the Exchange Online support e-mail, SkyDrive and Messenger. After the upgrade each user has two accounts, the individualaccount and personal account for Microsoft Office 365, Office 365 account for the email account. Although you can use the same user name and password to access Live@edu Office 365 account and personal Microsoft account, but these two accounts unrelated, on the changes from oneaccount to another account will not affect.


2.  the use of WEB MAIL login, URL is http://webmail.sjtu.org or http://www.outlook.com/sjtu.org, and then use the original user name and password to log in.


3.  the use of e-mail users of POP3, setting without the need to change.


4. if you want to use Microsoft SkyDrive and Messenger, can only use apersonal Microsoft account to the https://skydrive.live.com/ login, user name and password.


5. please refer to:


[ 2013-11-30 ]