SEIEE Holds 4th Si Yuan Festival

In the morning of April 10th, SEIEE hosted the 4th Si Yuan Festival Art Performance at the Xuhui Campus in appreciation of retired faculty members.

Vice President of the University Party Zhang An’sheng, Executive Deputy Director Pan Guoli, President of SEIEE Mao Junfa, Secretary of the School Party Su Yuezeng, and Deputy Secretary of the School Party Mo Guangcheng all attended the opening ceremony and the following activities.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang An’Sheng expressed his gratitude to all the retired faculty members and welcomed everyone to the celebration of the University’s anniversary. He also presented some suggestions and advices for the school’s development.



The shows included various dance, solo, chorus, drama, Chinese opera, fashion shows, etc.

All participating staff included freshman, SEIEE faculty and retired teachers.  Different shows from different age group of performers enlivened the event with a warm and joyful scenario.

The Si Yuan Festival is not only an opportunity for an emotional connection between schoolmates, but also has a mission to express admiration and care for the retired teachers and carry the beautiful future of all the members of the university.






[ 2015-04-17 ]