How to obtain Certificate of No Criminal Record for Foreigner students

If any of foreigner student want to apply for any visa and that embassy demand for Police Certificate/No criminal record certificate while staying in China, he/she need to follow this procedure
1) write an application in English as well as in Chinese (find sample in attachment: sample chinese, sample english)
2) get signed from SEIEE International Student Coordinator (room 3-107, SEIEE) and then from international student service center (room 807, new administrative building)
3) go to Notary Public Office(东方公证处)along with application, passport, previous passport if your passport is renewed while staying in china, student ID, residence permit
Tel: 62154848
Office hour: 8:00-6:00
Address: 凤阳路598号(take metro line 2 and get off at West Nanjing Road)
4) whole process will take about 15 working days and they will charge 240 RMB (one Chinese copy with English translation)
[ 2015-10-19 ]
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