SEIEE holds celebration party for students participating in UW-SJTU Summer Intensive Program

The School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering (SEIEE) celebrated the successful completion of first two sessions of UW-SJTU Summer Intensive Program for the students who participated in this program on Saturday, September 17,2016.

More than 60 program students were in attendance along with three teachers including Ma Yixin, SEIEE assistant dean in charge of international affairs and cooperation, Yao Jianjian, leading teacher of the second session of program , and Chen Miao, undergraduate international program coordinator.

Prof. Ma also presented an update about the capstone UW BS-MS Program enrollment, and congratulated two students, Zhang Haotian and Xiao Hao, who have been pre-admitted to UW Master program. Both of them were previously the members of the first session of the summer program. They said the program helped them a lot to learn more details about UW, which laid solid foundations for their final admissions.

Students from both sessions exchanged their wonderful memories in UW and had great time together during the dinner party. They said what impressed them the most was the professional engineering courses provided by UW and touring trips to some high-tech companies, such as Boeing, Microsoft, etc. Every one of them was an asset to the program and they thought this delightful experience was thoroughly unforgettable in their lifetime. “Students finally overcame the language problems, fully blended in a completely unfamiliar environment, and achieved great academic performance”, said Ms. Yao Jianjian, ”I am quite surprised, totally impressed and extremely proud of our students from SEIEE.”

The UW-SJTU Summer Intensive Program is hosted by the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington. The program is customized for the students who major in electrical engineering and computer science. Each summer since 2015, highly gifted and motivated students from SEIEE have attended the Summer Intensive Program to immerse themselves in hands-on, experimental science, to live and work with their intellectual peers for the first time and to broaden their horizons on this foreign, top-ranked university.

Thanks to our students for coming out this weekend! Thanks for all your efforts on this program and we are looking forward to seeing more and more students coming to join this big family!