Students ID

• At your first registration, the school will issue you an International Student ID. If you want to continue your study after the planned period of time, you may have it extended at the Students Service Center (Room 100, Taoliyuan). The ID can be extended three times, after which you need to change it for a new one.
• The ID can only be used by the holder (student) himself and should not be lent to other people.
• You should present your ID to the office staff for all study-related purposes including applying for elective courses, paying fees, enrollment, etc.
• With the ID you can get access to the Internet in the computer room located on the first floor of Taoliyuan, but you must first pay a fee at the Reception Desk on the same floor.
• With the ID you can use the student information retrieval system to print out your score report after the final exams of each semester for free.
• With the ID you can also apply for a “Library Card” at the school library. You should use the card according to the rules and regulations set by the school library.
• You should take good care of your ID and remember its password. In case you forget the password you may go to the Room 100, Taoliyuan for a new password.
• In case you have lost your ID, you should go to Room 100, Taoliyuan to apply for a new one for a fee of RMB. ¥20 .

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