Semester Exchange Programs List

Brief Introduction:

The main targets of the students are those who want to broaden their overseas experience and horizons. So they only study at Host University for half or one year and merely take some courses that they are interested or need. After exchange period, they must come back to home university and continue their academic study.

 Exchange Programs only accept the international students from the universities in the partnership with SJTU or our school and need to be nominated by the home university.

Current  programs:

CMU-SJTU Exchange program

UVA-SJTU Exchange Program

UNM-SJTU Exchange Program

HSR-SJTU Exchange Program

INSA Lyon-SJTU Exchange Program

Chalmers-SJTU Exchange Program 


Application Deadline: 

Spring Semester(from February to June): November 30th

Fall Semester(from September to January): April 30th


Application Materials: 

1)    Application form

2)    A copy of passport

3)    A recommendation letter from home university

4)    A CV/ Resume

5)     An academic transcription

6)   A mutual cooperation agreement between two professors if there has no agreement between two universities.

Return completed applications to: 

Office of International Affairs

SEIEE Building 3, Room No. 319,

School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

800 Dong Chuan Rd,

Shanghai, 200240, P.R.China

[ 2013-11-28 ]