SEIEE celebrated the school’s 117-year anniversary on April 14, 2013

SEIEE celebrated the 117-year anniversary of Shanghai Jiaotong University with many alumni presented around Siyuan Lake on April 13,2013. Representatives of SEIEE gave warm welcome to around 700 alumni from batch 53,63 and 83.


Emotional Reminiscing in the Spring


How can they not be excited to see each other after having graduated for so many years?


On the morning of April 13, as people arrived at the reception area, exchanged greetings and pleasantries to each other asking, “Do you still remember me?” They were met with replies such as “Sure, you have not changed at all!” and “Look, I have kept our yearbook and take it with me every time we move!” Many said that  they wouldn’t think of throwing their yearbook away.


Small groups together recalled their school life by looking over the year book. They took group pictures after they recognized each other with hand-shakes and hugs by wearing a lovely smile on the face.


We should remember the year of 1979 which was the third year after “gaokao” renewed (college entrance examination in China).It stated that education stepped into the right path; it was also the starting year of reform and opening-up which led the trend of vigorous future; it was the year of the batch “83” as the freshman which they carried the longing for knowledge and future.


Ma Shunyan from batch 83 majoring in automatic control recalled the life in Shanghai Jiaotong Unviesity: inculated teachers, peers, all night white campus. What he attained from the school is not only knowledge but also philosophy of life. He was one of the first group people who opened his own business after reform and opening-up. He said it was the school spirit to encourage him to be the pioneer.



Going back to your roots to reconnect


It has been said that “destiny ties people together.” After graduating 30 years ago, the former classmates met again at the Siyuan Lake. The gala was held after the anniversary meeting.


After the welcoming speech of President Zhang Jie and Secretary Ma Dexiu in the new gym, alumni enjoyed their dinner in the dining hall. They had a free time in the outdoor tea bar in the SEIEE campus.



Party secretary Su Yuezeng gave the warm welcome speech and Dean Mo Junfa introduced the situation of SEIEE at one o’clock. Dean of graduate school Yu Wenxian and deputy party secretary Mo Guangcheng were also invited to welcome all alumni back to the school on the stage.


Dean Mao Junfa welcoming alumni and introducing the situation of SEIEE


Su Yuezeng giving welcome speech


The alumni listening intently to the speech


A yearbook and graduation photo from alumni


Meanwhile, alumni Long Yuehao, Ji Hanbing and Zhaoyi from SEIEE shared their stories and did the reports about their successful career and wonderful life experience with the current college students.



General desinger and director of the Yangtze River NO.3 rocket,academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, twice winners of national scientific and technological progress Long Yuehao shared his career on rocket.  He gave a so wonderful speech with big applauses.


Wishes for the future


Beyond sharing their past experiences, the alumni were very much concerned about the SEIEE’s future, both the university’s and the students’.


Batch “82” majoring in precise instrument attended the 116 anniversary and again this year they donated one camphor tree.


Party secretary, Mo Guangcheng, expressed that the fragrant camphor tree was Soong Ching-ling’s favourite tree. It symbolizes progress made everyday. The word “SIYUAN ZHIYUAN” is seen on the trunk, as a means of encouragement from batch 82 for the university’s current students. This tree now matches the southern magnolia tree, donated by former President Jiang Zemin during the 110th anniversary celebration.




Batch 53 and 63 alumni knew that knowledge is power, so they donated a lot of books for the school. They hoped all the students can succeed in the future.


SEIEE has already set up three scholarship programs: SIYUANDIQI,DIANQI 90 AND ZHOUGAN. Setting up the SIYUAN scholarship is an expression of the alumni’s deep love for the school and the hope they share for the students’ success in the future.


“When you drink water, never shall you forget its source ; love your motherland and bring honor to your alma mater“ is the school motto. As one of the alumni bringing his grandson with him said that our generation was old now, now it is your world.








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