SEIEE Alumni attend school’s 118th Anniversary

With alumni from different batches gathered around Siyuan Lake and in front of Jing-Jing Auditorium last April 12, 2014, Shanghai Jiaotong University successfully celebrated its 118th year anniversary. There was lots of enthusiasm from the attendees, despite a rather cloudy and drizzly atmosphere. More than one hundred alumni from SEIEE had come back to their alma mater to attend the ceremonies.


In the morning, Secretary of the University Party Committee Jiang Sixian, President Zhang Jie and selected alumni from Batches ‘64 and ‘84 each gave individual speeches and expressed their sincerest blessings and ardent expectations for the university’s future development for all other alumni present at the event held at the new gym.


By the afternoon, alumni attendees proceeded to their own colleges to attend their respective seminars, visit laboratories and participate in the other activities. Dean Mao Junfa, Party Secretary Su Yuezeng, Deputy Party Secretary Mo Guangcheng, other distinguished representatives and faculty members, together with current students gave a warm welcome to the over one hundred alumni from Batches ‘64 and ’84 present at the event.


Dean Mao Junfa introduced the school and reviewed the timeline from the beginnings of the merger to present development and its great achievements. Professor Mao also shared the developmental history and success in recent years in research fields, faculty team and educational models, educational organizations and achievements in scientific research. The wonderful speeches were met with big applauses from a smiling crowd.



Afterwards, the alumni shared their current life and career stories as well as recalled their university life. With an energetic atmosphere in the air, true friendship, the very essence of the reunion, was felt by everyone. The alumni also visited the various national key laboratories where they could see the development of the school and also took a souvenir group photo in front of the SEIEE Building.



Towards the end of the day, the alumni offered a basket of flowers to the white jade marble statue of the late Professor Zhang Zhongjun, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, as an expression of their admiration in honor of his memory.



Also during the day, 3 scholarship programs were awarded, Siyuan Electrical Scholarship, Electrical 90 Scholarship and Zhou Weigan Scholarship. These three scholarship programs were set-up by the alumni as an expression of their deep love for their alma mater and their earnest expectations for the current group of hardworking students.



All in all, the event was a complete success! Time flies, yet the merits continue. All of Shanghai Jiao Tong University will continue to strive hard to contribute to the Chinese dream.

[ 2014-04-17 ]