International Undergraduate Students Accommodation

Instructions on Dormitory Application

In accordance with school regulations, international students need to reserve international student dormitory if they want to live on campus. The application process is as follows.

Please contact International Students Service Center if you have any question about dormitory.


Phone: 021-34203955

Address: Room 306, Old Administrative Buidling, Minhang Campus, SJTU

2014 International Students Accommondation Reservation Notice(Scholarship)

2014 International Students Accommondation Reservation Notice(Self-support)

1.   Making reservation

1)      Website.


2)      Reservation Period:  please make reservation as soon  as you receive admission letter. Normally it would be in July 

3)      Username: Student ID (found in the email or upper corner in  Admission Notice, e.g 2014023***)

4)      Password: the last six digits of your passport number (for example, if your passport number is AK512Q64, then your password is 512Q64)

After login, please (1) click the “To Reserve” button on the left, (2) fill in your e-mail address and mobile phone number (if you do not have a Chinese mobile phone number, please fill in any 11 digits), and click “confirm reservation.”, (3) make a payment of deposit of 1000 RMB (or U.S 165)through bank remittance (refer to Section 2 below for details) ,(4) after the successful remittance of the payment, log in the system again, click “Please fill in remittance information,” enter the appropriate information, and click “Save” to complete the reservation process. 

For Chinese Government Scholarship receivers, please make reservation process but there is no need to pay reservation fee. 

For self-support students, please make deposit remittance and pay the rest fee as soon as you arrives at the domitory. 

2.   Deposit Remittance 

Please deposite RMB1000 or USD 165 to the following account  

   A/C     454659250319 

   POST CODE    200030 
   TEL  86-21-64070906 

   REMITTANCE POSTSCRIPT:  Student ID Number & Your Full Name 


3.   Check-in

1)      Check-in starts from one week before each semester's registration date.

2)      Students in Minhang Campus: Please take your admission notice to Room 306, Old Administration Building to check-in during 8:30-17:00 from Monday to Friday. If you need urgent check-in service, please go directly to dormitory Building 8 for temporary housing and go to Room 306 to check-in next day. (Minhang Campus provides a few single-person rooms. Students who prefer these rooms can ask for them at check-in.) In this step, you would  get the key of the room and the remote controller of the air-conditioner, etc.

After checkin, please go to Room 109, building 8 International Student Building to fill the registration form of temporary residence. This from is needed for your residence permit. 

3)      Students in Xuhui Campus: Please take your admission notice to Room 104 in dormitory Building 9 to check-in during 8:30-17:00 from Monday to Friday. If you need urgent check-in service, please go directly to Lian Xing Building or Building 9 for temporary housing and go to Room 104, Building 9 to check- in next day.


4. Accomodation fee payment

Please pay your accommodation fees (by cash or by card) as soon as possible after your check-in. for specific charge, please see:

Minhang Campus

Xuhui Campus

Note: Electricity fees are not included in accommodation fees. Please pay in advance according to your actual needs.


5.  Others

1) Only a few domitaries are available in Xuhui Campus for non-language-nor MBA international students. Reservations will no longer be accepted once the dormitories are full

2)  Please reaad “Introduction on Housing” on the homepage of the reservation carefully for instruction and overview. .Also, please go to for more details.

3) Please keep your remittance receipt, which would be required to present when you Check-in.

4) Once the reservation process is complete, if for personal reasons the student cannot move in on time, the 1000-yuan prepayment is nonrefundable. 

5) Rooms would be kept for up to one week after the school starts and would be cancelled after that week.

6) For more details about the accommodation, please contact Ms. Zha(,  phone 0086-21-62822018 for Xuhui Campus); Ms.Lu at or by phone 0086-21-34203848 for Minhang Campus).

7) SJTU would provide beddings (quilt, quilt cover, sheets, pillows and pillowcases) during your stay. You are required to return the beddings when you move out. Please prepare the remaining everyday necessities by yourself.



Domitory Information 

1. Use of electricity

1.        The electricity fee shall be paid by the students themselves.

2.        After check-in, please prepay the electricity fees in Room 323 of the Old Administrative Building (the previous electricity fees used will be taken out automatically in the prepaying process).

3.        Provided the fees are not prepaid, the power will be cut off automatically one week after check-in.

2. Take shower (instructions on water heaters)

Building No. 8 and No. 10:

1.        Switch on the power: switch the button on the right side of the electric water heater to the maximum status (rotate clockwise to the end).

2.        Use the heater after the temperature rises (for around 1 hour).

3.        The temperature of the water could be adjusted by turning the tap between left and right.

Building No. 9, No. 12 and No. 51:

1.        Student can take shower by swiping the card (after check-in, please prepay the campus card immediately).

2.        The consumption limit of each card swiping is Two Yuan; if the shower exceeds Two Yuan, you are required to swipe for the second time.

3.        Please swipe the card immediately after finishing shower and the residual sum of Two Yuan will be returned to your card. Failure to do so will cause the automatic deduction of the residual sum of Two Yuan.

4.        Please take care of the campus card in shower as it's subject to damage in humid environment.

3. Access to Internet

1.        Please get an IP address from the attendant of the Dorm Management Office for free access to Internet.

2.        Please prepare the Internet lines by yourself.

4. Laundry

1.        Please purchase the laundry coins from the Dorm Management Office. The price for laundry is 3 Yuan/bucket and for drying is 5 Yuan/bucket.

2.        Please go through the laundry process pertaining to the instruction of the administrator of the dorm.

5. Use of kitchen

1.        The microwave is available in the kitchen.

2.        Please prepare other cooking tools (for instance, electromagnetic oven, boiler and electric cooker, etc) by yourself.

6. Prohibition of use the rule-violating electric appliances

It's prohibited to use the high-power electric appliances, for instance, water heater, electric cooker, electric blanket, heater, electromagnetic oven, microwave oven, etc.

7. Move from dorm to off-campus

1.        Before moving, please transact the Off-campus Accommodation Certificate in Room 306 of the old Executive Building.

2.        Please hold the Off-campus Accommodation Certificate to apply for "registration form of temporary residence" in the local police station.

3.        The move from the dorm to the outside arbitrarily without any off-campus accommodation formalities will be deemed as illegal residence.

8. Check-out

1.        Before check-out, it's required that the each student shall hand over the key of the room to the administrator of the dorm and it's not allowed to entrust others for the hand over.

2.        Students are not allowed to leave until the administrator checks that there's no damage to the articles of the dorm.

9. Accept the normal management of the dorm administrator

Under special circumstances, the dorm administrator is allowed to enter the dorm of the international students for necessary inspection.

Rules and Instructions for Off-campus Accommodation

If you wish to move from the on-campus student dorm to off-campus accommodation, you should:
•  Sign a “Contract of Tenancy” with the owner.
•  Present the “Contract of Tenancy” to the Office of Students Affairs of the School of International Education , Shanghai Jiao Tong University and fill out the “Registration Form for Living Off-campus”.
•  Register with the local police station and fill out the “Registration Form for Temporary Residence”.
•  Present the “Registration Form for Temporary Residence” to the Office of Students Affairs  to change the address in your “Residence Permit” by filling out the “Application Letter of Certificate Handling by Overseas Students”.
•  Present the “Form for Change of Address” to the Visa Office of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau for the change of address.
•  If you move to a new address once more, please notify the Office of Students Affairs of the School of International Education , Shanghai Jiao Tong University of the change to deal with related procedures.

Matters Needing Attention for Students Living Off-campus.
•  Pay attention to your personal safety and the safety of your property, guard against possible offenses infringed upon you.
•  Pay attention to the safe use of gas, be sure to use a gas water heater with a powerful exhauster, the heater should be installed outside the bathroom and when using it, open the bathroom window a little for fresh air.
•  Pay attention to the safe use of electric appliances, observe the regulations regarding the use of electricity and do not use electric appliances such as electric water heater which may start a fire.
•  Pay attention to traffic safety and observe the traffic regulations; Keep in contact with the school and notify it when there is a change of address. 


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