Undergraduate Student Regulations

For the latest version of "the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Undergraduate Student Handbook" with comprehensive student regulations, please check here.  Below are some rules extracted from the "handbook" and listed here for your easy reference. If you need further assistance in understanding the regulations, please contact SEIEE's Undergraduate Student Administrative Office (USAO).


Absence Request:

1. New student should bring the required documents stated in admission letter and register with the International Student Center of SJTU on the date also specified in admission letter. Otherwise, student must submit written notice prior to the registration date and the absence should not exceed two weeks in principle. Except for unforeseeable incident or force majeure, fail to submit the required written notice will result in disqualification of enrollment.

2. Student should attend classes regularly and the course instructor is responsible for student attendance check. An absence request form must be submitted before the occurrence of actual absence. Fail to do so will be considered as skipping class and could result in failing class.  For reason of sickness, hospital proof must be provided.


Course-Taking Regulations 


1. Course Exemption:

Student with GPA above 3.0 who mastered certain course on his own or by other means can apply for permission to attend the exam for exemplified courses or the final exam of a course equivalent to the course he mastered. With Exam score above or equal to 80 points or B+, the student can be approved for course exemption and get a grade of "P" in the grade report. Courses without approval of course exemption can not register any score in the grade report.  (note: some courses are not eligible for exemption, please refer to the handbook.)

The Office of Teaching Operation Management accepts request for course exemption in the 16th and 17th weeks of every semester, and organized university-wide exams of those exemplified courses. The grade will be announced in the 3rd week.


2. Postponing Exam:

If student can't attend exam due to illness, he/she must submit postphoning exam request and hospital proof, which has to be approved by USAO or the vice dean for exceptions and be reported to the Office of Teaching Operation Management. The request should be approved before the occurrence of the absence. Student who can't proceed the request should entrust the class monitor or his/her parents to proceed the request for him/her. Request of postponing exam will not be processed after the exam. Missing an exam without permission of SEIEE or SJTU will result in a zero score to the corresponding course.


3. Course re-taking:

In principle, student must re-take failed mandatory courses or mandatory courses with postponed exam. Other than re-taking the same course, failed optional course can be substituted by taking other courses in its same course module of the training plan. Fees will be charged for re-taken courses. Grades of re-taken courses will be recorded in the grade report. Student must register the courses wishing to re-take within designated time and self-check whether the selected courses are eligible for re-taking. The course selection becomes effective right after the online course selecting system is closed.


4. Exam for exemplified re-taken course

Usually the exams for exemplified re-taken courses are arranged in the beginning of fall and spring semesters of every academic year. The exams will be organized by the Department of Undergraduate Education based on analysis of students' grade distribution of previous long semester. No such exams will be arranged during summer semester.

Student can apply for exam described above only once for failed course taken for the first time. However, under some circumstances, the student must re-take the failed course.  Please refer to the handbook for detailed information. Please refer to this link , http://bjwb.seiee.sjtu.edu.cn/bkjwb/info/2166.htm, for the flow chart on how to apply for the type of exam. In the 1st week of a long semester, students shall log on to ElectSys (http://electsys.sjtu.edu.cn/edu/) and check for related notices, and register for the exams. Usually the exams will be scheduled in the 3rd to fourth weeks.


5. Lecture Exemption:

Lecture exemption only opens to re-taken course failed before. Student having grade lower than 41(including 41) or receiving dropout warning can not apply for lecture exemption.  Student should apply for lecture exemption within 2 weeks after the semester starts. The Lecture examption reqeust form should be filled, approved by the course instructor and documented at USAO.


Exam-Taking Disciplines

1. While taking exam, valid ID cards with clear photo like campus card should be placed at the designated area on desk. Student without valid ID cards are not allowed for taking exam.

2. Examinee shall enter exam room at least 10 minutes before exam time. Entering exam room 15 minutes after exam starts or leave without permission during exam will be considered automatically relinquish the exam.

3. Examinee must follow instructions given by proctors; seat in the designated seat.

4. Cell phone and other wireless equipments should be turned off and kept in designated location. Examinee is not allowed to bring draft paper.

5. Before exam, examinee should voluntarily check desk, desk draws and surroundings, and report any course-related subjects to proctor.

6. No textbook or reference materials are allowed for close-book exam.

7. No computer or electronic devices are allowed for open-book exam. Examinee can use only reference materials in paper approved by course instructor. Lending or borrowing reference materials are not allowed during exam.

8. Examinee should keep quite during exam. Under conditions such as wrong Exam sheets or indistinct writings, examinee can raise hand and ask proctor. No questions involving exam content should be raised.

9. Examinee should use blue/black ink or ball pen to write on the exam sheet. Unless under special requirement, exam sheet written with red ink or pencil will be rendered invalid.

10. Examinee should  write correctly his/her name, student ID number and other required information at the specified position on the exam sheet and answer questions independently. Examinee can hand in exam sheet only after 30 minutes since exam starts and then leave exam room immediately.

11. For special reason like going to restroom, examinee needs permission of proctor to go outside and should be accompanied by a proctor while staying outside.

12. Examinee can not starting writing exam sheet before exam-staring signal is given. Before exam ends, examinee can hand in exam sheet and leave exam room immediately.

13. Examinee should stop answering exam sheet immediately after exam-ending bell rings, stay seated and wait for proctor collecting exam sheet. Delayed exam sheet could be refused and result in zero grade of corresponding course. Proctor is obliged to tell examinee when exam sheets are incomplete. With approval of proctor, then examinee can exit exam room.


Violation of Exam Disciplines

1. Not seated in the designated seat.

2. Answer exam sheet before exam starts or after exam ends.

3. Leave exam room without proctor's permission.

4. When exam ends, refuse to hand in exam sheet after being urged by proctor.

5. Write exam sheet with pens not meeting requirement and not write personal information in specified position on exam sheet.

6. Hinder proctor from fulfilling duty.

7. Threat, insult, defame or frame staff member or other examinee.

8. Speak loudly inside or outside the exam room, or disturb normal order of exam room.

9. Other violation of exam rules but not cheating the exam.


 Cheating Acts

Acts described below are regarded as cheating exam.

1. Place reference materials or electronic devices storing reference materials relevant to exam close to where the examinee seats.

2. Peek, talk, make hand signal or other secret signal during exam.

3. Take exam for other student.

4.  Write fake personal information on exam sheet.

5. Pass, receive objects or exchange exam sheet and draft paper.

6. Forfeit ID, certificate in order to take exam.

7. Conduct other activities in violation of the principle of fairness and integrity.

8. Lost exam sheet during exam, destroy exam materials or take exam materials outside exam room.

9. Conduct cheating with assistance of proctor.

10. Conduct other cheating activities verified by SJTU.


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